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A Letter To My Boyfriend Who Is Too Cute To Be Not Left Ever!

Date: 2019-06-02 17:30:20

By Priyanshi

Hey there, we've been in a constant state of conflict, majorly of each other's thoughts, so much that we forget to see the bigger picture. So I've decided to pen this down. For a fact, I will never deny that you've been a very different person, the kind of different I fell in love with but never been in full acceptance of it. You make me sit and listen to you, I try and learn to grow, but somewhere we both fail to understand and I want to tell you that it's okay. I admit that I fail to see the good when I'm off track but you make sure you say what you have to. You make sure you tell me the facts the world won't. You will make sure to make me understand what goes lost in translation. Though I crib about it, I learn from it, I'm constantly taking notes. But guess what, I'm a slow learner.



I'd like to remind you of certain things so that you know it's a brighter path no matter what we see right now is a blur. Remember when we first sat on the 15th floor and were listening to songs, though the window had a net, the night sparkled our eyes up in awe of each other. Two different human beings connecting on something so evergreen. I admitted that I wanted to lean on your shoulder, but it felt too awkward and at that moment you did. My comfort level instantly rose because it didn't take a lot of days and a lot of talking to find that unlike otherwise.


Remember when I said something so minimal and out of the flow and you flipped and appreciated me and said, "this is important, for me, trust me." I was fascinated by the kind of vibe you gave out, to me particularly. Not wanting to prove a certain something, but just enjoying and relishing the moment, merely that. I had convinced myself to not do that because it wasn't so conventional. You helped me break that thought for good. Remember when you clicked photos to save moments? I told you not to capture the moment or moved my face away but you said, "No, I want to, never move away when I'm clicking." And I did it. More than love, I saw something, more than that, I FELT something and more than anything else I understood some things. And I don't wish to name that something because then it would lose its value. You've been a very supportive boyfriend and have always had my back.


I just want to say that in the end when you come to hug me and say "I love you" or "You're important to me" know that I'm already melting inside and going nuts over you and haven't planned to leave you for good. I respect you as a human being and understand you as one too. Somehow, sometimes it gets lost in translation, but you know what, I freaking love you and it's an understatement. I have ordered Biryani from your favorite place because all that I want to see right now is a big grin on your stupid ugly face!


You're too cute that you can't be left.

A human who is madly in awe of you and loves you.

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