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Life In An All-Girls Boarding School

Date: 2018-08-02 13:29:23

By Vasundhara

The squeaky voice of "Bai" ji's (helpers) would wake us up at the unpleasant time of 5 am. They had become our human alarm clocks and we had no option of pressing the snooze button. Most of us were only obedient in the junior classes but after a few years, we had transformed into undisciplined, unhygienic and tired-for-no-reason students. We would ignore them till our matron walked into the door.

You don't want to mess with the matron.

But some of us still continued holding on to our blankets. After shouting at us for a few minutes she would give up and start pulling our blankets away from us, exposing us to the chilly morning's of Ajmer, Rajasthan. The future house captain and prefects had already ran into the changing room while some of us who knew we would never wear a badge, slept carelessly.

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Food becomes an important part of your life.

Our dining halls would be like Hogwarts but without the glitz or magic. We appreciated any type of food because in a boarding school you are ALWAYS hungry. Tuck became our soul mate and raw maggi and soup powder were our favorite snacks. The Rajma chawal on Thursday or Maggi on Sunday morning's were important events to look forward to.

Hygiene was always overlooked.

From keeping our unwashed underwear in our cupboard's to making sharbat in bathing buckets, we did it all. One year when we weren't allowed to play wet holi we decided to smuggle the holi colors through our dorm window and play "real holi" inside the washroom. We had splattered color all over the bathroom floor and walls. The result of all this was us standing in front of our principal without pants (personal account).

Phones are NOT allowed.

We were once caught hiding a small pink colored Bhutanese cell phone in the 9th grade. We were all summoned to the principal and were made to feel as if we had murdered a human being and then hidden their body parts in our bathroom. Our entire dorm consisting of eighteen people were suspended for a week. During the suspension, we broke into the computer lab stole the key of the smart board and watched K- drama the entire week.

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You never know how things go wrong.

One year I was selected to go to the Jaipur Literary festival and I had my good friend with me. We somehow wandered off without the group and had the time of our life. We didn't realize that teachers must be searching for us and we ate food and went to various seminars. Finally, our teachers *caught* us and started checking our pockets in the middle of the festival. We were again summoned to the principal and were asked why we had a 40 rs. Note and packets of oregano in our pockets.

Birthday's meant eating a whole lot of fudge.

I think that we were always so excited to celebrate someone's birthday was because we were going to be able to feast on chips and fudge. We put everything that qualified as processed sugar into the fudge and we had no problem digging in our hands all at the same time to devour the fudge.

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Boys were mythical creatures.

Anyone who talked to more than one guy would be labeled as a 'slut'. Right in front of our school was an all-boys boarding school who came to our school twice in a year, once during the fete and second during the prize giving function. Just to give you a gist of how this destroyed our normal functioning- one year during a fete this one guy wanted to meet me and I was so terrified of talking to him, I sprinted away leaving my bag behind.

Seniors were scarier than teachers.

In a boarding school, you don't care about the teacher's wrath but the anger of the hormonal senior. We have been punished to take endless rounds of the ground for telling the seniors they suck. We have been woken up at midnight to complete their assignments and projects. Getting bullied became a part of our lives and the habit of submission looms within.

Friends became more than a family.

When you made a good friend in a boarding school you basically became inseparable. There was no formality of any kind between you and her. You could discuss anything with them and it was them who taught you your first curse words. There was no topic that wasn't talked about and as time passed, you realized friends were the biggest takeaway from being in a boarding school.

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Boarding school is a once in a lifetime experience which is able to give you innumerable memories. Among the petty fights and bathroom photography sessions, we lived a childhood different from other people's. The everyday scoldings from teachers, TV sessions on Saturday and Sunday, the tiring yet fruitful day of the canteen, the scary seniors and taking revenge on our matron by murdering her aloe vera plants, boarding school was a world of its own.

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