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Stop Being A Peoples Pleaser, Work For Yourself And Not Others.

Date: 2019-05-08 14:56:32

By TabloidXO Writers

Stop pleasing everybody, love yourself.

Nobody can possibly ever count the number of people alive in the world, a country alone is always approximated so how can you think anybody would know how many people are alive at one time in one place?

It always is a hypothetical number.


This hypothetical number has millions or maybe billions of people with their trillion different attributes. Each one different from the other. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it sweet, some like it spicy and some like both sweet and spicy. Some people hate both sweet and spicy. There also are people who have no opinion on neither sweet nor spicy and all of us co-exist on Mother Earth. Yes, we are breathing the same polluted air at the same time unaware of each other's existence let alone attributes.

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So how do you propose to convince somebody who likes spicy to adjust with sweet?
How do you convince somebody who likes sweet to give spicy many more attempts?
Even if they do, how do you expect them from switching from sweet to spicy?


You cannot convince everybody to like something. There is a reason why we have divided the world into so many zones, green, ice, desert, countries, state, cities and towns. Religion, faith, nationality, a never-ending list to be honest.

If this was not enough, then came subcultures, a group of people preaching another cult altogether. 90's every decade saw a new one, every day they had a new leader, every day a new group to belong to. One size clearly does not fit all so they produce multiple sizes.

Amidst all this you think, you, one person can please everybody around you?
Does that even sound sane enough to you?
And what for?


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If people like you, they will hate you too. This is one of the many fucked up balances of the world. There are people who would diss Buddha downright, there are people who thought Hitler was needed, there also are people who think the Earth is flat so come on do you really want to care about this crazy banter?

See, everybody comes from a different home, different background with a different upbringing. Then they go to school, make friends on the basis of their likings, then later in life people move abroad or elsewhere and there they find the other places' norms stranger to theirs. The values obviously are different, but not wrong.



All you need to know is that maybe somebody does not like you because of something you did to them, but simply because they have different values than you do. Neither are you wrong, nor are they, you just need to come to terms with this fact and accept who so ever accepts you.


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