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15 Reasons Why You Are Lucky To Have A Sister

Date: 2018-08-18 15:52:18

By Abhishek

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Having a sister is the best thing you can ask for, and I must say, you must have done saintly deeds in your previous life. Your childhood is filled with behen-ka-pyaar and behen-ka-thapad, either way; but whatsoever it is, both these things have been worked as a blessing for us.

Yes, we are bad, no not bad but worst in showing our emotions and today I admit we boys suck at showing love and care to our sisters. Actually, we love to be their superhero but behind the curtains.

Here are some cute points which makes you lucky to have a sister.

1. You don't have to live a messy life.

If she is doing her grooming thing like Katora wax or facial stuff, then just chill because you are already her customer.


2. She will take care that you will never ever get short of money.


3. Your plans will never get canceled because if your friends ditched you at the end moment, you can always go with your sister, she will never say NO to you.


4. Those boring Shaadi's or functions are never boring because you have the best company to make you laugh.


5. If you have an elder sister, your parent-teacher meeting is safe in her hands because she will protect you from parents ki daant.

You are the luckiest, believe me, you are!!


6. Your whole life will be full of surprises because you don't know when the good bomb or the bad bomb will be blasted.

It's our sister who planted those bombs and only she has the cutter to save you from bad bombs.
Like, telling about your girlfriend to your father!!


7. Having a sister is like having the double support system in your life.

The first one is your mom and your sister is none less than your cool mom.


8. Say thank you to your sister right now, it's because of her your dressing sense is sexy, imagine if you had a brother...Orange and pink would have been your combination.


9. Again say Thank You to your sister, it's because of her, you're the perfect husband material.

She gave you all the coaching classes on how to handle the girl's tantrums.


10. We complain about all the days are made for girls and there is not a single day for boys in the calendar.

It's not true because our sister makes our everyday special, so god didn't felt the need to make a separate special day for us.
So next time don't crib and say Thank you, Behen!!


11. She will help you to impress your crush and you never know "Kyoki rishte badalte der nahi lagti".


12. You can trust her to keep your secrets safe...until you are not fighting again.


13. It is the best feeling when your sister says "He is my bodyguard" because that's the trust she has over you and this makes your bond inseparable.


14. You will always get the bestest opinion on any matter you ask her.

She can't see you in trouble.


15. Want to buy the car?? But your dad said a big NO??

Don't worry yar... you just need to give her a small hint. Your car will be booked in a couple of days.
And ya... just take this free advice...don't ask for another car before 2 years... before your father could kill, your sister will kill you first.


Now please don't blush, sisters!!

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