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Meet 25 Yrs Syed Saddiq, Southeast Asia's Youngest Minister, Leaving All The Taboos Behind His Success

Date: 2018-07-23 16:05:28

By TabloidXO Writers

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman aka Syed Saddiq, he is Southeast Asia's youngest federal Minister since Malaysia's Independence.

He is the Member of Parliament of Muar, the Youth Chief of the Malaysian United Indigenous Party and also the current Minister of Youth and Sports.

This young minister is very much popular among people of Malaysia and also all over the world. He is already winning the internet with his political plans.


His Instagram account has crossed a million followers, and it's only because of his young mind - sheer dedication, political plans, breaking the glass ceiling by being the youngest minister and also his efforts in lowering the voting age to 18 in Malaysia.

His thoughts on lowering the voting age to 18 are:

He thinks by doing so Malaysian millennials cannot be sidelined in the Malaysian political scene anymore, this also means the youth voter block becomes bigger and stronger. Which will help youngster's to choose a better government and a voice which can be heard.


Do you know, he has won the Asia's Best Speaker Award at the Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championship...not just one time but three times. During his student time, he has rejected a scholarship offer worth roughly RM400,000(68 lacs approx) to further his studies at Oxford University, England to remain active in politics instead.

pitching in for carik jodoh more than trying to get votes 😂 #JodohOverVotes

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In an interview, he shared his early personal life and his struggle to not speaking fluent English. He also told that he was a racist, read what he said:

If you met me five years ago, I'm like a totally different person. I could speak English but my English wasn't good. I never got As for my English papers and English papers in Malaysia are not difficult. My knowledge was shit. I thought Africa was a country, Egypt was a continent. I still remember pronouncing recipe as "reh-sip."

I am not proud of my past. I was a racist. I was an Islamic radical because I would actually say if you do not pray, you would go to hell and burn in hell. Like I'll only mingle with Muslims. People always say oh no, this person is racist or a radical and cannot be changed. No, no, no, I was exactly that and I have changed.


So much inspiration from this young minister. Kudos to you and your thoughts. We can see a BETTER FUTURE is coming in Malaysia.

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