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Dear Students, Your Marks Won't Decide What Your Life Would Be, So Don't Run After The Figures, Instead, Learn.

Date: 2019-02-19 17:40:39

By Mansha

Finals are at the corner for the students and burden on them we all can feel because we all have been there when we were at their age and from our experiences kids, I can tell you that your life doesn't depend on your grades or marks. Life is much more than that, life is practical and at every step of your life you will learn something new and that new would teach you the best lessons of your life.


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While exams every kid goes through that twitchy feeling where they go through loads of pressure of bringing the best figures ever but kids, now life is more about practical than "ratta maar". Learn from your studies and show those learning on your real-life scenarios because your mark sheet or degrees won't give you the same reputation and knowledge, which your quick-witted thinking will give you in front of the world.


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Figures can't measure your intelligence kids but your knowledge and presence of mind can define your intelligence and your sense of mind. Studies are to make you confident about yourself and not for making you duller about feeling being less than others. Life is not the competition, life is a journey of learning and experimenting, learn from your mistakes and make your future better. It hurts when we read that kids are committing suicides or tried to commit suicide, you all are fighters, fight for your stand and make yourself above by showing that others can't bring you down. It hurts when we see that our future generation is suffering for just figures, kids, just a few sheets can't describe your future. In the real world, you have to struggle for your dreams, you have to work hard to prove yourself and you have to be strong because at times life gives you hardships.



When your parents force you for coming up to their expectations regarding figures, make them realize that you will come up to their expectations but in the journey of life while making them proud in the real world. Show them that you are putting your learning at the right places and not just for exams because at times kids just "ratta" the textbooks only to bring the highest figures, not to learn for the future context. Darlings, start thinking big and rest leave everything to the god.


We wish you all the best for your upcoming exams and we know that you will do your best. Don't let your marks decide your life and don't be meek when you won't be able to come up to your teacher's or parents expectations because you are learning for yourself, not for others.

God has planned something good for you, trust the god!!


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