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Marriage Is Not About Getting Married Early Or Late, It Is About Meeting The Right Person.

Date: 2021-03-19 10:16:27

By TabloidXO

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The perks of our age are that everything is open to discussion and deliberation. The drawback of our age is also that everything is open to discussion and deliberation. Whilst some are finding their soulmates, others want to find themselves first and when you let everybody put out their opinion on such a vast platform that makes the word "vast" feel short, how do you think opinions serve that king then?

Everybody has a different notion of love in their heads. Some want to spend an eternity together and some a weekend. Both are correct in their heads but then why is that when you decided to make a decision, it felt wrong. It felt as if everybody is questioning your lifestyle choices, you are a medium of their judgement now and whatever you do, somebody or the other will be against you.


The truth here is this kid yes no matter what you do, somebody or the other will be against you. Maybe a group of five or a group of fifty, telling you what you are doing is wrong. But also another group would be preaching what you are doing and love just happens to be the common denominator of all this.

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Love brings the marriage to the table too. Some think one should not delay marriage after 25 whilst some cults just degrade the whole idea of marriage as a fraudulent institution but which one is correct? Each one is in their own heads.

So should you be too, marriage really is not about age, gender, venue or time, that is just the wedding and wedding is just one day of your life whereas marriage is a much bigger state of affairs. Almost a lifetime, so should you get affected by what others have to say about a decision that you will endure for a life?

Will it be worth it?


Sure you might want fancy exotic flowers for your wedding because the elite friend circle would approve of it and the caterer should be a well-recognized name too but the person you are marrying, what of him?

Let us put it out quite clearly for you. Maybe you should let others have a say in your wedding and engagement and reception and whatever you celebrate because they will attend it which makes them a part of it too but your marriage is just you and your better half, for good or for bad, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health and it will be just the two of you, so only you should decide what that is supposed to be like.


The only opinions that should be taken into account are the ones who will be participating in it and that is just the two of you, screw age, screw timelines, and screw peer pressure much worse, wait till you have found the right one. It will be worth it.


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