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These Sanskari Bahu Definitions By Some Indians Are Pissing Me Off.

Date: 2018-10-24 16:08:49

By Abhishek

While finding a Sanskari girl people look for certain things which might match to their ideal list.

Some look for sushil grahelu bahu who is ready to be their housewife because you know "The Social Status" about "hum to kaam nai karwaate ji". Some have other desires if not this; she should look after her family and kids after marriage because they think this is what they have got her for or this is what her whole sole duty. And also, how can I forget, she should be Gori-Chitti, this is much in demand, guys!

And they are so correct, don't they?
Everybody has desires and so does them! So here is a list of those desires which they wanted from their Patni or Bahu.

1. She should know how to make roti's.

Aur wo bhi gol.



2. She should not smoke, not even flavored hookah and even if she wants to she can take the help of pressure cooker to see that smoke.

Or maybe she can go out in winters to act like she is smoking!


3. Sanskari bahu should not even dare to think of drinking, not even wine!

Maybe they have an objection with mocktail also?? NO? Thank god!


4. And party? Not at all. It's just haye tauba, "kyoki achi ladkiya raat mein nahi nikalti"


5. Sanskari bahu should make roti sabji for everyone, it doesn't matter even if she has to sacrifice her social life.


6. She must talk less to boys and social gathering with them is a BIG NO...NO!


7. This one is something new in the market, which is, No social media profiles.


8. She has to be a vegetarian because they are vegetarian!

So does it means, she can't have it too?


9. In case, I repeat, in case if she is qualified enough to get a decent job but still she has to sit at home and do the ghar ka kaam.

Ask her at least, what she wants to do!


10. She should wear Salwar Kameez, and the body should be well covered.


11. She should not give any business related suggestions because ye ladko ka kaam hai!

Really? Who said?


12. Last, oh god it's heavy!
She should be a virgin!


Anymore desires ladke walo?
Ok cool, now let me just get out of this bizarre desires and let's get down to earth because there is no such girl exist in this world. And in my opinion, there is no such boy even who exist with such qualities. So rather than focusing on the unrealistic desires for your dream Sanskari bahu/wife, just stop being overcritical because girls are more to what we believe, she can and will make you proud.

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