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'Looking For Fair Skin & Rich Bahu/Damaad', People, Can We Be Sensible And Take Matrimonial Ads Seriously?

Date: 2019-04-06 17:15:53

By TabloidXO Writers

We have seen so many advertisements every day about the various websites which ensure that we will meet the perfect significant other for matrimonial purposes. Before that, one had to look out for matrimonial ads in newspapers. If you were a nerd you may even recall that dusted copy of BBC English comprehension in 9th grade in which, along with notice and email writing, you had to write practice writing matrimonial ads as well. My point is, that matrimonial ads are as persistent in our lives as the spam calls from mobile companies but yet we have never REALLY taken a look at them.



First of all, it is all so hypocritical. The things which are mentioned in the ads can easily be fabricated and are extremely materialistic. People care about the skin color, the height and an income in seven figures. If a dowry weren't illegal, they might even write the potential budget of the wedding in the ad. For a nation that prides itself in tradition and cultural heritage, I wonder since when did a sacred union based on love turned into a business deal.


In childhood, even when we were making friends, we were always told to understand the other person and see if the person is good or not and accordingly befriend them. Then why is it that when you are supposed to spend your life together with a person then the only thing that is mentioned is the family, their properties and business, their reputation as a family and if needed, then the physical appearance of the person. It is so funny that as we grow up we are supposed to ignore and even forget our moral in the name of embracing reality.


The whole idea of deciding if you want to spend your life with them on the basis of how good a picture is, then can get clicked is a scam. Aren't we always told to look for the good inside the person before you judge them by their appearance? Why are such hypocritical creatures? We call ourselves modern but worry so much about tan and growing dark because we still consider fair skin to be synonymous with beauty.


Matrimonial ads are the perfect window into the prejudices of our society which we want to deny but can't let go of. Ads like "very fair divorcee boy earning 18 lpa (lakh per annum) wants to marry very beautiful girl" are both shameful and absurdly funny. Each newspaper indulges in these ads which just shows how archaic people still are as they form relations on the basis of caste, color, creed, and gotra instead of the sensibilities of a person.


I understand getting married is pressure. People want to meet their significant others and I am not criticizing anything of the sorts. If you want to marry someone of your own culture of who you can possibly resonate with, it's cool, but what I am trying to point out is the so-called modernity of people who are still so biased that there is no wonder why discrimination still exists in our nation.

Well, at least they are specific in the ads to what they are discriminating against so kudos to that. #Taunt

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