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Guys, You Do Not Have To Become Ranveer Singh But You Could Put In A Little More Effort To Style Yourself AF

Date: 2019-04-16 20:11:50

By Manveen

Often people deliberate on the gifts that the gods have bestowed upon men and women. Women filled petitions in the courts of all that is divine of gods being unjust to deny them the equal status and strength as men, but men have not so much taken out time to stress a brow. Men could not be happier because whatever gods gave them is one thing, but if there is one thing they are most grateful for is, ignorance.


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Yes, folks, you put captions on IG "Ignorance is bliss" and such, people you have no clue what a blissful world it is for that guy who lives a block away that you see in the evening at the part. He has out ruled hygiene because why should you change your T-shirt when you can repeat it four days in a row?


How else will he prove his loyalty to the digitally manipulated Souled Store produced Tony Stark on his T-shirt?

In a world where Alessandro Michele is making Gucci a religion and Sabyasachi weaving magic and Manish Arora knowing no bounds of creativity, most guys cannot think past a T-shirt. You know if you guys could at least attempt to pull off a shirt instead of a T-shirt, the minus on your C might change to a +. The heaven might consider redemption and welcome you if only you could iron a shirt and wear it.


And now comes winter thus comes your leather jacket. Maybe somebody has not informed you that there are other fabrics such as Corduroy, Chambray, Denim, we do not recommend velvet unless you intent to justify your sexuality the entire day. We understand that you do not want to be over creative and make Karan Johar out of you, but we are asking you to see around and realize that pretty much all of you, all look same.


Random women on the internet love beard = you all grew one.
Leather jacket = Bachpan ke Roadie banane ke sapne.
Ripped jeans = Current trend.
T-shirt = Press karne ki zaroorat nahi padhti.
Black RayBan = Kyunki Singham.
Itna cliche kyun hai bhai = Paida hi aise hua tha.

See we get this whole live and let live and that the heart matters not what you look like and five hundred other thousand cheesy as fuck caption from Facebook and Instagram but, mate, you got to remember that Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing in India and globally also has billion dollar turnover.

"Wo tera dil dekh ke paise nahi kamaa rahe."


Not that you guys have a lot of options, but you do realize that it is also because you guys do not want to try anything new anyway. Even if a brand would produce something crazy and innovative you would still buy a conservative brand.

Look at girls, Zara is loaded with animal prints and fur. Bandiya cougar-ish lagne ko tayyar hai aur tumse kaale chashme nahi badalte apne.


You do not have to become Ranveer Singh but you could put in a little more effort, try printed shirts from Simon Carter. Louis Vuitton made those big AF retro frame sunglasses, try those. "Out of budget ho jaate hai toh Club Factory pe search kar bhai but kuch toh kar."

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