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Bloody Gossips And Myths People Have About Periods.

Date: 2019-03-30 13:03:14

By TabloidXO Writers

India is a country of culture, religion and extensive mythology. For a major part in the history of this land, mythology was used to gain an understanding of the workings of the world. The menstruation cycle of women was no exception. There are many myths and superstitions which are attached to a women's body which limit her freedom considerably.


Some are more or less universally believed in and others are centric to our nation. Let us look at some of the myths, which surround menstruation which haunt us like the ten commandments of the Bible.

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1. Thou shall not wash hair during menstruation.
2. The more you think about it, the sooner it comes.
3. Thou impure, unclean or cursed.
4. Thou shall not enter the temple or any place of worship.
5. Thou shall not touch the pickle jar or come to the kitchen at all.
6. Thou shall not exercise during periods.
7. Thou shall not have sex during periods.
8. Menstrual blood is bad blood.

The stigma and disgrace around the normal organic cycle of menstruation that happens inside a woman's body is so widespread in India that one once in a while rarely hears this word in common language. It is probably one of the least talked about and most ill-understood biological concepts. Rather than saying it directly, people use the number of codewords or euphemism are to address menstruation. The shame associated with this natural process compels young women to reserve themselves about periods.


One way to combat this dire stigma is by spreading awareness about it instead of propagating the veiling of it. Through awareness, one can distance the usual shame and guilt associated with the periods. Some schools have started telling girls about periods to spread awareness, but instead of just limiting the awareness to girls the campaigns should include both men and women so that both get aware of it. Menstruation is not just limited to women despite the main belief but some transgender men also get periods whereas some transgender women don't.


Other little things also matter, like the shame in "buying sanitary napkins". Usually, it is packed like secret serious stuff by wrapping it with newspaper or brown paper and then putting it in black color polythene. These little things will ultimately cause the decrement of the guilt paranoia of periods.

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