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Miss You Tom And Jerry, You Both Made Our Childhood Memorable

Date: 2019-01-07 16:41:31

By TabloidXO Writers


Childhood was the best time of our lives. We had Scooby-doo, the Flintstones and our favorite Tom and Jerry waiting for us on cartoon network. We have come such a long way. The show aired in 1940 and till date, it airs on T.V. That's approximately 77 years. Although, the last episode appears to have claimed the lives of these golden characters. Can you believe that? But the beauty about re-runs is that, the show never truly ends. I was sitting, deep in thought, the other day and this is why I am going on about Tom and Jerry. These cartoons are more than just cartoons to us. They've had such a huge impact on our lives. Maybe, not life changing. But an impact nonetheless.

Yaad hai jab mummy chilla ke bolti thi, "Tom and Jerry jaise mat ladai karo!"



On the other hand, they were also symbols of friendship. Yes, they were out to drink the blood of the other and Jerry, wearing mischief as his cloak would trouble Tom to no end. I remember watching this episode where Tom is asleep and dreams that he is at the gates of heaven. He is not allowed to enter until he gets a signature from Jerry on a certificate that says he forgives everything Tom ever did to him. He begs Jerry to sign but it is too late and he is dropped down to hell. When Tom wakes up, he thinks Jerry saved him and pulls the house mouse into his arms, showering him with kisses of love and affection and gratefulness. The last shot zooms in on clueless Jerry.


They bicker, they fight, they made life hell for each other but they loved each other too. In the initial episodes, it is said that their bromance was quite visible. When we were kids we would only buy school bags that had their face on them. Cry that the tiffin boxes, compass boxes and erasers had to match.


Today, people still keep up with the show, make references. It might sound funny but people can bond over a Tom and Jerry discussion. The internet is flooded with reasons why this show was the best ever. Why we miss these characters so much. Quizzes on which T&J character are you? People haven't forgotten the cat and mouse who ran around the house all the time. We rarely refer to them as cartoons, if you think about it. We call it childhood. They were a huge part of it. mom and dad probably watched that one show with us faithfully.

Tom and Jerry will forever remain an example and replica of true friendship as well the relationship between siblings.


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