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Reasons You Miss Your Mom The Most After Marriage.

Date: 2018-10-09 13:24:15

By Mansha

For every girl getting married and being a bride is a blessed feeling. She gets excited for starting a new chapter of her life of which she has waited for so long. On one side where she eagerly waits to start this new journey of hers with her life partner and her new family, on another hand when she steps her foot inside her new home, she misses her mom the most. There is a say, "Mother and daughter relationship is a special bond that spans the years. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. A sense of trust that can't be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken"
- unknown.

Earlier she was not used to be alone, she had her by her side every day and every time and after getting married she misses the whole of her.

Reasons why every girl misses her mother the most when she gets married:


You have no one to share your worries with:

Every time when we have some tensions or worries regarding something, the first name, which comes in our mind, is, our mothers. And when it comes to daughters, she has a habit of sharing everything with her and getting the most valuable suggestions. Once she gets married, she has to handle everything on her own; she is no more a child who can look up to her mother for everything.


You feel helpless:

You feel helpless when you are stuck on something and you don't know how to come out of it. Remember, our fights with our friends she was the first one to tell us how to solve those differences. Now, you have to bear everything alone and sometimes you won't even tell her your problems because you feel she will get worried when she is this far from you.


There is no one to wake you up in the morning:

Her voice was the first thing, which you used to listen but now alarm clock plays that role. You miss her voice and scolding when she used to try to wake you up but you never used to listen to her thus, she let you sleep for an extra hour. Now, after getting married you are all by your own and no one is there to pamper you.


You miss your shopping dates with her:

Your sudden shopping plans with her, you knew she is your best friend and she will never say no for that. You miss her when you want to go out shopping but no one is there to escort you.


Shopping makes you confused:

While shopping alone, you feel confused about what looks good on you and what not. You miss her for her true feedback and when she used to pick clothes for you.


When you are unwell:

You miss her when you are unwell; you miss her excessive care and attention. After getting married, you are alone on your bed with some medicines and occasionally people coming and asking you "how are you".


Home alone scares you:

You never had lived alone in the house; she always made sure that you have someone to be with if not her. After getting married, when rest of the family members get busy in their lives, you feel lonely and you crave for your mother and your gossip sessions with her.


Cooking is so hard without her:

While cooking for your family, you miss her giving directions to you and then teaching you with utmost love if anything used to go wrong.


You miss her food:

Since childhood, you have eaten what she had cooked for you and once you get married you miss your favorite dishes cooked by her. You crave for her cooking.


You miss her scolding, which you used to hate it before:

You miss your little funny, arrogant and caring arguments, which seem to be irritating to you before. You miss her stopping you from going out or for certain things. After getting married you learn the importance of her.


You just miss being with her all the time:

Some days you miss her so much that you wish to run to her and hug her. You want to again keep your head on her laps and say, "no love is greater than this love". I love you maa.


I miss you maa, thank you for your love and care, which I never appreciated till the time I was with you in your house. Now, I love you the most.

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