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Things You Relate To When Your Best Friend Is Moving To Another City After Her Marriage

Date: 2018-08-11 16:53:05

By Mansha

When your best friend gets fixed, you feel this excitement and when you get to know that she will be far away from you, in a different city, you feel broke from inside as if somebody is taking a part of your heart with them. It's sucks and the feeling is much more worst. Things you can relate to if your best friend too got married in the different city.

That question which comes to your mind every day, "she won't forget me na?":

This question always haunts you, what if, she forgets me and, she won't keep any touch with me. Changes may occur but distance can never drive us apart. NEVER EVER.


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I won't be having my shopping partner:

Once she is married, there would be no one to go on shopping with you and advising you what will look good on you or whether you should take it or not. When she used to be with you, shopping was much easier and fun. Now, the only difference is that you do shopping because you have to not because you want to.


No more long drives:

Those long drives with loud music, never-ending laughter and checking guys out in the middle of the roads. This all will be missed so much. Now, after her marriage, this all would be missed and you will miss her company and her craziness.


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Now, who will be my partner in crime?

Going to each other's house and convincing the parents to allow you both for a getaway or getting scolded because of any stupid thing, which you both have done. Now, with whom I will do such things?


No more night parties:

No more clubbing or dinners with her. Now I won't get a chance to go to her home, pick her up and go out for a Friday or Saturday nights. Nights will be so boring now.



Now, who will be my go-to person for everything?

Had a fight with mom? Let's go and meet her, she has given me the best advice ever for everything or can't figure out the birthday gifts, she used to be just a call away or sometimes-even miles away. But, no worries now she is just FaceTime away.


Seeing your old photos and smiling, thinking what a journey it was:

As the time comes near, you realize now she will be gone, you keep seeing pictures and videos of you two together that reminds you, no matter what, we will never change.


Making plans for going to holidays together after the marriage or visit each other:

Making new plans every day to visit each other and when can we go for a vacation together, now with a new addition. Now it's more fun that we have one more person to go crazy with.


Planning FaceTime and Skype sessions:

Just to do gossips about everything that is happening in our lives without them. Telling those hilarious stories to each other about everything that is happening in the city and talking about all those serious problems for which you were trying to find solutions without her.



Every festival or occasion is just incomplete without them:

You both keep sending small things for each other in every occasion just to tell how much you LOVE HER and MISS HER.



Some bonds are irreplaceable and unforgettable. No matter how far you are, love can never die it only grows with time. Best friends are for forever.

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