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Most Simple Way To Make Stickers At Home.

Date: 2020-12-22 14:43:06

By Srishti

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When we all feel bored at home we all try to find new things to do and keep ourselves busy. Be it cooking or spending time with our family, everyone has picked up new hobbies along the way. But a lot of people have picked up hobbies of arts and crafts and making small goods at home. If you love art and craft, love making DIY projects at home, and are bored with making the same old things again and again, we got you something different this time.

Here is something you can make a home. Try making these simple stickers at home and use them to gain a loyal audience on social platforms who are interested in art and craft. You can even decorate your house with it.

Here is how you can make stickers at home in these simple steps:

What do you need?

- Scissors.
- Sketchpens
- 2-inch Double-sided tape.
- 2 inch Sticky Tape.

how to make stickers

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Steps to make stickers at home:

1. Draw or print your favourite cartoons or illustrations on paper that you would like to turn into stickers. If you are not good at drawing, you can take sketchbooks and color the pictures of your choice.

2. Cut the illustrations you have drawn/printed to the size that fits on the 2-inch sticky tape.

3. Stretch out the sticky tape on a flat surface with the sticky side facing up.

4. Stick the cutout illustrations/pictures on the sticky tape facing down.

how to make stickers

5. After sticking the illustrations onto the tape cut them out in the same shape as the picture. (Remove the extra tape bits if any.)

6. Take a 2-inch double-sided tape and stretch it out on a flat surface.

7. After doing that stick the cutout of the illustrations on the double-sided tape.

how to make stickers


8. After sticking the illustrations/pictures, cut them out alongside the borders of the illustrations by leaving slight borders at the ends.

9. Your stickers are now ready to be used.

Follow these simple rules to form stickers of your favorite illustrations at home. These are fun and simple to make and don't need much manpower or material.

These simple-to-make stickers can be used for decorating anything, be it laptop. mugs, pencil kits, notebooks, caps, bags, desks, etc.

Check out the video on the easiest way to make stickers:

Do try making these stickers at home and spend some quality and fun time with your loved ones. Also, please share your designs with us.


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