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My Dear Girl Gang, Who Needs A Boyfriend When We Are So Crazily In Love With Each Other.

Date: 2019-06-27 18:48:01

By Priyanshi

I met you all in school, just before the day of the picnic. The school was taking us to a water park and our first conversation was when we sat together for a water ride that day. I remember us laughing and water splashing around us. You were happy to meet me. I was happy to meet a bunch of crazy precious nuts who I get to call my life buddies now.


I remember how we rode on our bicycles to explore around the city and have paani puris for free. We didn't care back then. All we were consumed in was making happy, crazy, silly and the most stupid of memories which we now tell the people we meet as stories and laugh over it, missing each other a little more. Be it that garden in that colony where we spent half our days after tuitions talking about random shit ever or be it pranking boys that we knew from Xavier's to a whole another extent, we enjoyed every bit of each other's company.


And while we formed lifetime bonds, we also found security in each other, a sense of belongingness, concern and moreover love. We didn't like expressing it, we never said 'I love you' to each other like the other girls did, but our love was engraved too deep for all that showing business. We honestly didn't care about the world then and that's the most beautiful experience I have had in my life. The most I miss and I'm sure you all do too is our DJ nights where we danced like we never have and order pizzas and trip over homemade pasta's.


Oh Jesus, those songs, those item songs we danced to, I'm so glad one of us was recording all of it. I'm so glad. From being together 12 hours of the day of bidding each other off, crying together in farewell and accepting bigger changes in life, we found ourselves in between of all this. I am so much in peace to know I have something to go back to, someone to go back to, the people who crazily love me like no boyfriend ever will.


In this world of long drives, we were so sufficed with active rides, we loved the wind, the spots we stopped at to get a photo clicked because each group has to have a photographer friend. We didn't look for guys because we were enough for ourselves. We didn't want someone. We filled each other. In every way.


There is so much I want to remind you of, so much we did, so much we lost, so many fights to go through, so much drama but we lived through all of it. And now, we are more than best friends. We are family for each other. And families always come first no matter what. So, my dear friend, I'm so glad I found you all because I never wanted a boyfriend. Our love for each other was and is more than enough. Enough for 10,000 lifetimes to come. It's crazy. Crazy how love can be defined in so many ways and I choose to call it crazy.



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