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Superstitions People Believe About The Lunar Eclipse From Around The World

Date: 2018-07-27 02:38:23

By TabloidXO Writers

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1. In India, people believe that eating food during the eclipse is like inviting the insects inside your body.

So people are advised not to cook, eat anything during the 'Grahan' or eclipse.


2. Tibet people believe it to be positive. they believe that any act of kindness done during a lunar eclipse will multiply your good deeds and make your Good Karma stronger.


3. In many parts, the eclipse period means that the god is very angry because of our wrong deeds, and god is about to give us some punishment. So to make the peace between the god and themselves, they meant, they had to kill someone.


4. In India another belief is that you should never see an eclipse from your bare eyes, it might affect your eyes slowly and gradually.

And, to prevent themselves from hurting, people are advised to wash their eyes with their own urine.


5. The ancient Greeks thought that an eclipse process is an act of threat and god would fall down to give misfortune to the king.

So to save the king, they replace the real king with any substitute king before the eclipse. As soon as the eclipse was over, the real king took the charge again.


6. In different countries, it is also believed that the pregnant women should stay indoor because eclipse may curse the unborn child.


7. The Aztecs believed that if a solar eclipse was accompanied by an earthquake, the world would come to an end.

So to please the god, they would perform a ritual of human sacrifice to stop the destruction.


8. In Australian aboriginal cultures, an eclipse meant that the Sun and the Moon are having one or more children and those children would appear as stars.


9. Another belief is: if someone gets a cut during an eclipse, the bleeding will not stop for a long time. And a terrible scar will remain with you, whenever the bleeding stops.


10. The Kalina of Suriname believed that the sun and moon are brother and sister, but the relationship between the two is a little more violent. So they think, An eclipse means one of them had knocked the other one out.


11. In the US, people believe that an eclipse is basically a signal of the approaching of an apocalypse.


12. In Thailand, during an eclipse, people strike together then tin pots and fireworks are set alighted to scare off the hidden psyche.


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