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Never Ask For Relationship Advice From A Person Who Has Never Been In A Relationship, Here's Why.

Date: 2019-01-08 15:27:00

By Erica

This might be hard to believe but the most questions a person gets about relationships is the one who has never been in one. They will act like a guru in this category of questions and make you doubt (or not doubt) every move you make. Worse part? You believe every word like it is straight from a Holy Book! So, here are the top most common things people who have never been in a relationship say:

1. Oh my God! PDA alert!


They act like it is a frog run over by a vehicle and a bird feeding on it and it's one eye has rolled to the other side. How is a couple hugging and just pecking each other on the lips gross to you?

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2. "Aren't they tired of seeing the same old face every single day? "

Well, they are in love with that face and that smile, those tears and the anger that flashes in those eyes.

3. "Yaar, abhi tum chote ho."


Yeah, right. You make me feel so young. I`m 20!

4. "Don't go too fast okay? Take it slow. Step by step


Are we cooking? No! It is a relationship and what kind of advice is that?

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5. "Uske chaar boyfriends the? That means player hai"


Stop being so judgemental for goodness sake.

6. "Dude, he parties a lot. Aise kaise koi relationship chalega?"


Party and relationship. Hmmm. Yup, you make no sense at all.

7. "Tum uske ghar rukh rahi ho? Bola tha na. Take it slow. But nahi. Madam ko fast cars pasand hai"


Staying over is not a crime

8. "You guys don't fight? You should. It's healthy.


No comment


9. "You guys ever take a break from fighting? It is so unhealthy!"


That's why no comment

10. "Similarities bahut hai? But...opposites attract. Your relationship is doomed"


We could be similar and still love each other the same way we did since day 1

11. "Beta, gayi tu hath se. Wait kar leti perfect ladke ke liye"


If I don't try how will I know it's perfect?

12. "Yaar, kuch bhi kar lekin ek pe mat tiki rehna. Bore ho jayegi "


Same yourself the pity party and the 'I told you not do so' because they have no idea what they are talking about. I had friends who told me how not to behave in a relationship and how slow both should go. They were single at the time. Now they have boyfriends and they do exactly what they told me not to. People don't know what they are talking about until and unless they have been through it. Even if they talk out of the experience, everyone is different. The relationship people have is different. We might be in one world, one book. But we are all different chapters.


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