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20 Things You Will Relate To If You Have OCD Problems

Date: 2018-08-20 11:24:01

By Mansha

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an uneasiness disorder in which time individuals have repeating, undesirable musings, thoughts or sensations that influence them to feel headed to accomplish something redundantly. The dreary practices, for example, hand washing, keeping an eye on things or cleaning, can fundamentally meddle with a man's day-by-day exercises and social connections.

Things you will relate to if you do have OCD problems:

Using hand sanitizer or washing your hands very frequently:

After every meal or touching things that don't belong to you, gives you this uneasy feeling of dirt because of which you just can't control yourself from cleaning your hands repetitively.



Clean wardrobes:

Unsystematic wardrobes make you mad, you need each of your cloth to be neatly folded and placed according to the columns, like, t-shirts would go under the t-shirt column.


Clean floors:

You can't and won't tolerate the dirty floors or sometimes wet floor too. You want the floor of your house to be cleaned and without any dirt or marks on them. Even a drop of water makes you uneasy.


You just can't tolerate folded carpets:

If someone steps up on your carpet and by mistake, it gets folded; you have this urge to unfold that carpet till then you will be restless.


Washrooms should be clean and shining:

You can't share your washrooms with the people who don't keep their toilets cleaned. You want the seat to be down, towels to be on the racks and soaps or hand wash to be filled always. Also, you just can't tolerate the smelly washrooms.


Shattered clothes irritate you:

Like many people make bundles of clothes on their sofas or chair but you can't see those bundles around you. You immediately put those clothes in their places.


Double-checking for everything:

You have this habit of double-checking everything like if doors are closed in the night, or if you have locked your lockers etc. you feel scared that gives you this sudden urge to check the things multiple times.


Odd-even problems:

While listening to the radio in the car, you always keep volume in the even numbers because odd numbers make you uneasy and superstitious. Also, at the time of watching TV.


You have a habit of counting things:

You have a habit of counting stairs while going up or coming down or counting blocks while going home. You count everything, which you can.


If things are not in their places, you get agitated:

If flowers are not in their vases, TV remotes are not at their place or cushions are not in their proper shape, things like these irritate you.


Dirty shoes make you uncomfortable:

Dirty shoes make you feel very angry because it brings dirt all around you and cleanliness is what you want. So, dirty shoes are totally a NO-NO for you.


You overthink everything:

You overthink every scenario, which occurs, in your life. For example, if a friend has canceled a plan for meeting you because of some work, you will think totally negative about it. You may think that he or she doesn't want to meet you so that's why they have made an excuse.


Because of overthinking, you blame yourself:

Like in the above scenario, you blame yourself. For example, if he or she has canceled a plan, you may think you have done something bad or wrong before that's why they are angry with you but in reality, he or she is genuinely busy.


Physical disorders:

OCD is not always mental; sometimes it's physical too. People with OCD, have a repetitive habit of blinking eyes or shaking their shoulders.


Collecting things:

You have this issue with collecting things, which is useless, and they feel scared t

o throw it because they think it can bring some kind of bad luck to them.


They want everything order:

You like things to be in order, like, if you pick some book from their shelf, they would want you to put that book in the same order or if table mats have kept breath-wise, then after using they want the same order.


Incomplete tasks make you restless:

Like in office, if your boss has given you some kind of a deadline, you will make sure that you complete that task in a given time or if sometimes because of some valid reason you can't complete that task in a given time you feel restless.


You just find difficult to be around kids:

As kids are messy, so find very difficult to cope up with them.


You want to be perfect in all your tasks:

If your boss says your work is not good or not up to his expectations you feel like a loser and work extra hard next day to cover that up.



Sometimes, eating habits annoys you too:

When people eat with an open mouth or their food is all around their t-shirts, you just feel to run away from there. You can't sit or chill around with people who are bad in table courtesy.


OCD is very common and there is nothing to worry about but if things go off the board, you should truly take help from experts. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it's a part of our lives and totally normal.

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