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Funny Arguments Our Parents Do Because Of Us Which Looks Them So Kiddish

Date: 2018-10-15 12:11:15

By Mansha


We all have our own comedy show in our homes, that is, our parents when they have arguments with each other, which left us giggling and laughing all day long. It sounds even funnier when they have arguments because of us when the topic is related to us but we have no clue about and in the end they will blame us because they were talking about our habits. When we hear the reasons for their arguments that were related to our lives or habits we can't stop us from laughing at them because those reasons are so stupid. Right guys? Today I have come with 10 arguments, which every parent have because of us...

Who will say no to you for going out for party or dinner because no one wants to come under the bad books.



They will blame each other for not keeping an eye on us because according to them we have slipped out from their hands.


They will doubt on you for having a girlfriend or boyfriend but they will argue on who will ask first about the same.


0ne of them never like you to shop but another one will make sure you get it what you have wished for. Thus, they will have a big and never ending argument on how they have spoiled you.


Your father always stands with you when your mother is in the mood to kill you with her words. Thus, every father has an argument with their wives that they are being too harsh with their kids.


They will have an argument on your way of dressing. They both want to tell you that you look stupid in whatever you are wearing but they both will point each other because no one wants to listen "this is fashion and you are getting old".


They have an argument on your sleep every morning because they feel you have become lazy and useless but they will blame each other because they think that another person has become way more lenient with us.


When we do something great that has made them proud or happy then we are their "raja beta" or "rani" but when we do something stupid according to them then they both say to each other that "he is your son, look what he has done" or "see what your daughter has done".


On our birthdays, it's a tradition that they will have an argument about the place for dinner or what gift they should give to us and trust me on every birthday we spend our half day in helping them to solve their issues with each other.


Family vacations are hard to plan because neither of them will agree upon the same destinations and this ends with big and illogical arguments.


They are the best comedians we can ever have; their small and illogical arguments make us happy and give us reason to love them more. They are the cutest and adorable, aren't they?

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