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'Send This Message To 10 People, You Will Get Good Luck', Please, You Need To Grow Up Kid!

Date: 2019-06-26 20:11:08

By Manveen

When something new comes up in the market, not everybody is sure as to what it is and what exactly does it entail. There is generally a lot of confusion and it keeps on going around like that only. Similarly, it is with social media also, when somebody would post a picture of a child dying and a Like could save his life, people would Like-Share-Comment, doing all three in a hope that the child may survive.

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Instead of praying that somebody should fund the child's treatment, but in reality, nothing of such nature ever happened and the scenario is that ten years later the same photo of the same child is being circulated around waiting for enough likes, only god knows if the child actually survived or not or was it a genuine case in the first place?

Okay, a post like this may inspire pity and sympathy, but what about the ones where they say if you do not share a post then bad luck will follow you? What are you suggesting that Facebook did part time in India and learned astrology as well?


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You do nothing, but make your degree and education look like garbage every time you share a post hoping some good will come to you and if you actually want some good to come to you or to your society or even to your planet, here is what you can do:

Educate people: In India cases of rape or molestation is not scarce, every day you will find hundreds of such cases, share them as much as you can and insist others also to share them so that everybody knows what is happening in the country. 50% of your friend list might not care, 40% would feel sad, but maybe the 10% will think of sharing it and might share it too, and the same cycle goes with their friend list as well and this is how you deliver information and when enough people are aware, they decide to act against it bringing an actual change that can do good.


No post with a slogan "Share or else bad luck will follow" will ever do you good. If you send a message like this to ten others they will only swear back at you dissing at their phone screens.

And there are chances that either you will be muted for a year on their WhatsApp or a permanent block.


On another note, if you like sharing so much, there is paid journalism. Brands pay you if you have quality followers. For posting one photo, you can charge a bomb, if you have an amazing feed or followers,

Why do you think Kim K is rich?


Because you made her rich. Every follower who followed her or liked her helped her make money. Once you have like a million or so followers, Instagram starts paying you for posting content so these environmental activists are doing something of the same, but instead of spending their money on botox and butt enhancement, these activists will plant trees, hire a crew for cleaning seas/ oceans and other such things.

So share for what will actually do others good too. Be a positive social activist, not a negative one.


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