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'Hey Cheater' How Can You Indulge In Love Affair After Marriage?

Date: 2019-09-10 17:03:59

By Mansha

In our country, marriage is known to be as the most sacred bond where we worship every god to make every married life successful and full of love and happiness. We hold each other's hand, take the oath in front of the gods to fulfill every duty as a spouse, our families shed their happy tears while seeing their kids stepping towards the most happiest phases of their lives, a person promises to give its whole to his or her spouse in return to love and loyalty and what that one person does?

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He or she breaks every possible trust for a small period of lust. Where they promised to spend their remaining lives with their spouses, they break that bond for any other person in which they found another love.

As an Indian, who immensely believes in the strong and the beautiful bond of marriage, I am hurt. I am scared listening to the blood-curdling stories I hear every day about how people are leaving their life partners only because they lost physical attraction towards them. How easily, they fell in love with someone else and decided to leave their families behind. Today, I want to write some words to such people on behalf of everyone who had gone through the hell of seeing their spouses leaving them for someone else...

Hey cheater,

Yes, you are a cheater because once a cheater, always a cheater. You are the reason behind making the society polluted with the disease of infidelity and we want such people out of our lives, while seeing you walking on the streets, we feel ashamed to let you leave so easily while your brothers/sisters are crying over the love, which was everything to them. They decided to live their remaining lives with you and what you gave them in return?

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You gave them the pain for the rest of their lives!! People like you should be punished with worst to worst penalty or if things would have been in my hands, I would color your face in black and force you to march on the streets naked with the banner of "A cheater".

How could you love someone else? You took the oath to love your spouse with your whole heart? You promised to love him or her until the death parts, so how could you not stick to just one for the rest of your life? How could you leave your priceless family behind only for the sake of newly founded lust you shared with someone else?


It gives me chills while thinking, how your soul permitted you to do such a sin of watching your life partner drowning in the pain of love. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I will just share a few more words before wrapping my thoughts about such cheaters; once you will be old and lonely, you will regret so much because you broke someone's heart. Oh, let me remind you, what goes around comes around, and Karma is a bloody bitch.


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