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How Does It Feel When You Get Your Periods While Travelling?

Date: 2019-07-28 11:25:38

By Mansha

About to go on the vacations, leaving for the airport or sitting in the car and suddenly, BAM, the stomach gets churning, lower back starts paining and that's when you realize, THEY have arrived.

Periods have the habit of showing in the worst days possible, it looks they are saying, "oh, you are about to enjoy your life? Wait, let me show you the real enjoyment".

It's easy when you are at home on your periods because you have all your things right next to you like, pain killers, hot water bottle, chocolates, and your bed to sleep all day long but what, when you are traveling? Yes, it's hell on the earth.

Feelings, when you get your periods while traveling...

Everything around you starts annoying you:

Maybe it's hormones, but it is also the pain which is unbearable sometimes and irritation of not able to enjoy, which you should have been enjoying. You become more irritable than your usual mood swings.


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You feel filthy:

Because there is no washroom to use frequently and in that position, you become more conscious about odor and other stuff.


It becomes difficult to sit for more than one hour:

Because of all the stomach and lower back pain, sitting becomes next to possible, but you have no choice and you get restless on your place to find the comfortable position to sit but you can't find one.


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You feel disgusted about using public washrooms:

When it comes to disposing of the pads, you feel disgusted about using the public washrooms. Changing on the new one seems like the challenge, as there is no much privacy.


You crave for alone time:

People's endless talks make you angry and all you want to do is sleep till you reach your destination to ignore all that pain and discomfort.


Only food helps you to keep calm:

Because that's when your stomach feels at ease and all you focus is on food, but hell is when you can't have what you are craving for because it is not your home. You have to eat what is available around you.



You feel more vulnerable when you can't share:

Especially when you are traveling alone or with family. You have to hide all your feelings behind your smile and that's when it becomes more difficult to pass your time till you reach your destination.


All your excitement vanishes:

Whatever you were feeling before starting your vacation, vanishes because all can you focus is on the flow, pads, and pain.


You curse yourself for being a girl:

Okay, this is what we do when we get our periods every month, but while traveling, we curse even more when we see boys around us having fun and relaxed and we are suffering pain and discomfort.


You keep on hogging on snacks or whatever comes right in front of you:

Because periods make us a hungry bitch as only food can make us happy and relaxed.


Have you been under the same circumstances? I know you must have because periods are famous for being the real bitch by arriving at the most awesome times of our lives.


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