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Here Are Some Cheesiest Pick Up Line For Boys.

Date: 2018-09-14 12:52:56

By Abhishek

Disclaimer: If you are the Shah Rukh Khan, this article is certainly not for you, because SRK does not need a pickup line, He just needs to open his arms and the game is won.

But if you are the "SRK of your street" then these pickup lines are for you and will do work for you. Although impressing a girl WAS never easy and IS STILL never easy yet (Trust me it was not). But being a bro, being a kind hearted man, I am going to help you with these cheesy, spicy, beautiful, amazing, cleverly clever pickup lines which you can try on the girl next time you go.
And Ya, before approaching a girl, make sure you have the natural smile (not too big and obviously not that sadaa sa muh, I mean without a smile).

On a scale of 10, you are 10 on 10 but why not change the old rules and make it 11, let me be that 1 for your life?

It's so hot today!! And no it's not the weather fault, it's you who is making the temperature rise.


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I think you are being watched, by my eyes.

Is your name Google?? Because I have been searching you all my life.


Do you know which is the good place on this earth? It's right here, right now, in front of my eyes.

If god gives me the power for just 1 minute, I would love to rearrange the two letters U and I together.


Although I am bad at swimming but I can risk it because I want to swim deep in. OR Can you help me before I get drown because your eyes are making me do so.

I am chemically addicted to awkward convos with strangers and your puzzled eyes are making me go high above the sky.


Excuse me; can you help me with a cool pick up line?? (Sometimes this will work if you want to start a conversation)

You are so beautiful, I forgot my pickup line.


Can I borrow your half an hour; I promise I will return it back.

Can you give me your autograph?? (And give her your mobile with number keypad open).


I am lost; can you help me find the direction to your heart?

Every time I see you, I smile!! How do you know I love to smile??


Someone once said, if you want to see the paradise go to Switzerland, but he was wrong, I can see my paradise right in front of my eyes.

You know what? In all such crowd, I can see only you, that's the magic you hold.


Please call 102 immediately, because after seeing you, I am about to faint.

Can I get a hug? So that I can tell my friends that an angel hugged me.

Until before now, I was distracted all my life, now after seeing you, I am so focused.


I think you owe me some rent, because you are living in my heart and brain for quite a long time.

Be unique and different, so is it a yes...??


Thank you to prove my mom right, because she said I will see an angel one day and today is that day.

I think you are the Mc Gorgeous of McDonalds, so can I be your Mc Maharaja?


Are you the 90 degree angle?? Because you are right.

Hey pretty!! Until before, I thought diamonds are most flawless but after starring at you, you proved my thought wrong.


You look a lot same like my future girlfriend, see (show her the mirror).

I don't need camera or neither do I have to say 'cheese' because every time I look at you, I smile.


Go on boys!! See this is how it is done, smoothly like a butter.
And don't forget THAT thing!!
Bro, "SMILE"
I hope you will do well.

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