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Want To Taste PM Modi Ice Cream Kulfi? This Surat Based Ice Cream Parlour Is Selling 'Modi Sitafal Kulfi'

Date: 2019-05-29 17:13:19

By TabloidXO Writers

Modi led BJP government won more than 300 seats in these Lok Sabha Elections. So to celebrate the victory with the customers, this Surat-based ice-cream parlour is selling an ice cream called as "Modi Sitafal Kulfi" which depicts PM Modi face with a beard on it.

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The face on the Kulfi is handmade and it takes 24 hours to make 200 Modi Kulfis by the expert team of the parlour.

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As soon as they introduced the Kulfi, the demand for it has been on an increase. As of now, it has become a hot selling ice cream in Surat, so the parlour is selling this ice cream at a discount of 50%.

He also said, the ingredients used in the ice cream have no artificial preservatives, hence its 100% natural.


The kulfi will be available only till 30th May 2019, the day when Narendra Modi will be taking the oath to be the PM, once again.


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