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From Fufaji Demand For Imported Daaru To 'Kids Ke Exams Hai', Here Is How The Post Engagement Debate Starts

Date: 2019-01-14 14:08:50

By Manveen

The journey to please your family feels like an Ola share, never-ending. Your destination never arrives. Mata-pita apart, this time we are addressing the other members of your clan, your full-fledged Khandan.

If you are getting married then one thing is settled in your life, your parents have no issues with you now. You have fulfilled the duties of yours that is being their child, your parents have received nirvana. But now that you are getting married, this news probably has raised alarms in your family the ones who were dodging marriage in your name by saying "usne toh ki nahi abhi tak toh main kyun", hate you, hate you to their core. You brought the doom on them so they are unhappy and their parents envious of the newly founded gates of nirvana that your parents have achieved.



You have given your parents a medium to display all that they have earned whereas your rishtedaar are struggling to find ways to exhibit their wealth, aisa karta hai kya koi kisi ke saath?

Go and sikhao unke bacho ko bhi kuch.


The news has been delivered and the consequences now shall be born. So now your Bua Ji from Allahabad is very happy to hear the news but the weekend your parents are fixing the date for your marriage, out of nowhere it is clashing with some hypothetical event that they just made up right now. So you have to change your date because hypothetical situations cannot be altered. Sorry!


Your Chachu would have loved to help around with all the ceremonies and their preparations but their kids will be giving exams and suddenly they had the brightest idea to teach them themselves because till now they used to go to their respective coachings but coaching mein wo baat kya jo baap ki jutti mein and that especially when that jutti can also walk around and help a shaadi waala ghar, aha what a jutti. This jutti should go on bacho ke sar and not on roads to help, sorry not sorry.


Banno ki saheli was all hearts and flowers till you told them that the wedding will be in a winters and back sleeves might be an issue, on cold Friday nights this one generally takes brandy to keep the cold away from her in a sheer mesh top but why should you retort to wiser options when you can create tantrums? Why deny yourself simple pleasures?


If you ever planned a destination wedding then there is absolutely no way you can convince everybody. Udaipur is cliche and abroad is pricey af and everybody should be able to come because none of your choices matters on your big day, Luckhnow waale Taya ji's daughter's nanad should be able to come. Because after all rishtedaari ki baat hai.


If you ask us we have the advice to give, an experiment would be a better term for it. The budget you have planned for your wedding, divide that into the number of relatives that had to attend and unko Paytm kardo. Jisko jo chahiye, jaise chahiye wo waise karlo.

For yourself, get a GIF made in your wedding attires and ask these people to post that in their stories when they use your Paytm money.

Padhega India tabhi toh badhega India.


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