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Dear Future Wifey, These Are Some Of The Promise I Want To Make To You

Date: 2018-09-10 18:39:12

By Abhishek

Maybe, yes, I am eager to meet you soon. Sometimes I do fantasize about how cool your husband (me) would be, you will be the luckiest to have me (Ok, ya it's khud ki tareef), and of course yes, I will be the luckiest to have you too. So, until we don't get to see each other(I wish if I could fast forward time), I want to promise you few things which will help us in building our adorable bond stronger, happier and filled with loads of love.

1. Your parents are my parents too.
When we will get married, it won't be about "We two" but "Us 2 families". Your mummy, papa will be my mummy papa too and I promise to take care of both my papa's and both my momma's.


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2. I will never stop you if you want to study further, instead, I will be the proudest husband to do so and I will help you if you get stuck in any of your tough chapter(at least I will try).


3. Ok, I will cook for you and our whole family but the only condition is you have to stand by my side in the kitchen to guide me about the spices and other stuff.


4. I will accept my mistakes and also do utthak baithak (if needed). However, I can't see you sad and angry, so chill there won't be any fights!!

5. I will surely maintain the balance between my professional life and personal life. I will give you equal importance as I give it to my work. You will not have any complaints.


6. I will give you equal importance as I give to my work. You will not have any complaints.

7. Your siblings are my besties!
Genuinely, I would love to hang around with them, go for the night parties and a good get together at home will be most fun-loving days. And if you have brothers, it's going to be insane!!

8. I will always say the truth no matter how harsh it is.


9. I PROMISE YOU, "I will not stop you if you want to go for a short vacation with your gang". And why I said short vacation, because, if you will go on a long trip, I will miss you a lot or maybe I will get a lil sad.
I told you in point 8, I will always say the truth.

10. Your decisions will be considered in our house.

Because we are family now and your suggestions are always welcomed as like any other member of our family.


11. You do expect surprises because that's how our life would be, happy and happier. Maybe a good morning tea?? Aaahmm... you never know...that's a surprise!!

12. Now, our both the papas and mummas problems will be our's problem too, so we as a team would eliminate all the problems from their lives and fill their lives with positivity, happiness, and power.

13. I would be the first one in the line to support you if you want to do something which you dreamt of before marriage... You just need to tell me & we will find out the best way possible.


14. No, I will not say "I will accept all your flaws" because
Flaws? Wo kya hota hai??
There is no such word in my dictionary. The only word which will pop up in my head will be "Perfect".


I am legit dreaming of you right now, wherever you are, take care.
These are some of my promises which I will abide by and if there is something to add on, tell me when we will meet, love.
Hope to see you really very soon!

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