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Dear Future Husband, These Are Some Promises That I Want To Make To You

Date: 2018-09-09 13:17:46

By Mansha

We have yet to meet and not sure how much time it would take to meet you but I want to make some promises to you so that we can build a life together which would be peaceful, colorful, and full of love and understanding.

I will accept all of my mistakes without dragging you into them:

Would be accountable for my own mistakes and I will never force those mistakes on you by getting angry at you or dragging you in between.


I would be more than happy if you keep our families as first priority:

I am a family person too and I would love to see a strong bonding between you and our families. I would love all those family outings without getting angry at you for some alone time.

I will take your family as my own:

Will love your family as my own and will try to build a strong bonding between us that we will be the happiest family.

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Would love your siblings as my own:

I have always craved for younger siblings and with you may be I get that chance so I promise to love your siblings more than you and we will be the team that would be hard to handle especially by you. They would be my first children, I swear.

I will share my food with you:

This I haven't done all my life but with you, I am ready to make this compromise. I promise to let you have that last slice of pizza without making any fuss.


Will never get uncomfortable if you would ever need a boy's night out:

I can completely understand how marriage can be hectic sometimes and on those hectic and difficult days, we all want some space with our friends to bring our minds on tracks. So, I would never stop you to go with them sometimes.

Promise you that I would never let you go to bed angry:

I know on some days we would have our differences, which would drive us crazy, but I promise you that I will never let you sleep without resolving our issues. I believe a new day should bring happiness and good future, not bad past and arguments.

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Would never get jealous of anything:

Would never let jealousy to come in between us or in between my new family and me. I promise to be happy in every situation and circumstances.

Would never let the third person come in between us:

Our decisions would be ours and I would never let any third person come in between us with their suggestions. I promise to never come under influence of anybody.


Promise you that you and our family would be the first priority for me:

I would do every possible thing to keep my family happy and healthy, I will take my new responsibilities very seriously and would do everything to keep all-perfect.

Will never pressurize you for anything:

I will never force my suggestions and decisions on you, you will be all free to make our decisions but keeping me in mind.

Would never expect you to do all the fancy things every time:

Sometimes I will also try to surprise you with all the fancy things and make our love grow stronger with each passing day.

I would accept you with all your flaws and love them truly:

No one is perfect, not me not you, I will accept you the way you are and love you with all your flaws and perfections.


I would be with you in good and bad times:

No matter what god will have for us in his diary but whatever it will be, you will always find me with you, beside you and for you.


Will encourage you for your dreams:

Your dreams would be my dreams and will encourage you for the same. Will never let you lose hope and inspire you, as long as you want me to.

I would be faithful to you:

No doubt about this, I will give you my whole without asking anything in return except love and long life of togetherness.

Will make our own small world of a fairy tale:

Will try and make our own world of happiness where there would be nothing but smiles, laughters, and colors.


And, would love you more than anything, more than stars and more than universe:

You will be having my heart and all of me. I promise to love you beyond everything in this world.


I promise to take all these vows seriously whenever we will meet. See you soon love.
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