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These Are Some Questions Which Should Not Be Asked During Your First RISHTA Meeting

Date: 2019-05-14 15:33:56

By Mansha

Count yourself lucky if you have found your love in your best friend because that makes everything sorted and easy in terms of spending your whole life with that person, without worrying about, "what to say and what not" because arranged meetings bring nervousness and mad feeling about, "BAAT KYA KARE" and what if, any of your words hurt the other person?

There are certain things; people should keep in mind before starting a conversation at a Rishta meeting because "the first impression is the last impression".

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There are many meetings every day, which fails, only because the person didn't like the way he or she spoke for the first time or the way of questions they asked. So, today as a love guru, I have come up with the questions that people should definitely avoid asking on their first meetings...

Past relationships:

First meetings are just about getting to know the person's preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle because that helps the person to decide if they have anything in common and asking about past relationships seems too nosy in their personal lives because it is something private which people likes to share with closed people only.


How much they earn:

This is offensive because it will build the thoughts in his or her mind that you are looking only for financial stability apart from emotional attachment. Leave this question for the second meeting, as it will bring the flow, which you are looking for.


Asking about their cooking and cleaning stuff:

"Reminder: you are not looking for a maid or servant, you are looking for a life partner". This question will make you look like a total creep and cheap. So, never ever ask this question.


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Discussion about kids:

Don't start with, how much you love them or you want them immediately after marriage because it will scare the shit out of them. Keep your first meeting as light as possible.


Don't bring your family in between:

"My mom wants blah blah types of bahu" or "I will go to meet my mom in every two days" because it is not about the family. It is about you both and if you see each other in your future plans.


Your friends:

No stranger would be interested in knowing about your friends and how much you love them? Because he or she is there for you, to spend some quality time with you, make every second useful by keeping your heart on the table in a subtle way.



And, the virginity:

It is none of your business to ask a total stranger that whether he or she is a virgin or not. This question is more than offensive and insulting, it is their lives. If you like him/her and the person will be loyal to you in future, that's what it matters.


The first meeting should be always light, friendly and subtle. Be a gentle person and focus on making the other person comfortable rather than uneasy.


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