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'I Had Rs. 18 In My Pocket'. Rajkummar Rao Shares His Life Struggle To Making A Big Name In Bollywood.

Date: 2019-10-23 17:24:22

By TabloidXO

We are in the world of Rajkummar Rao and his great entertaining movies. 9 years down the line, Rajkumar Rao's first movie, Love Sex Aur Dhokha entered our lives and the Love for Rajkummar Rao stayed within us forever and will continue to be deeper.

rajkummar rao

Rajkummar Rao is one of the humble actors, Bollywood has ever got; he is the heartthrob of today's millennial, especially girls (Oolala).


Before Rajkummar Rao upcoming movie 'Made in China' is set to release, he shared an untold story of his life in this candid interview with Pinkvilla. Rajkummar Rao life was no less than the rollercoaster ride with frequent downs and downs, "initially".

rajkummar rao

Life before coming to Mumbai:

"I come from a very humble middle-class background and there was a time in school when I didn't have money and my teachers paid my school fees for two years."

From facing rejection, getting replaced by another actor, or to having Rs. 18 in his bank account, it was difficult for him to make his ends meet. He fought all these struggles, but he never forgot the path for success, i.e. HARD WORK.

rajkummar rao

Life is not your Rakhi brother who will provide you free gifts and money. You have to make it through hard work.

Life, when he came to Mumbai to make it BIG in Bollywood movies. He shares:

"When I came to the city, we were living in a really small house. I was paying Rs 7000 of my share, which I thought was too much. I needed around 15-20000 every month to survive and there were times I would get a notification that I have only 18 rupees left in my account. My friend would have 23 rupees."
rajkummar rao

Rajkummar Rao even shared the incident when he and his friend Vinod were going to audition and they used to wash each other face with rose water, set each their hairstyle and thought to be the best versions of them.

"I didn't have enough money to even buy proper T-shirts. There's a friend of mine - Vinod - who's also an actor and we used to travel for auditions on our bikes. I knew nothing about the presentation - of how to look, what to wear. With the pollution around, we would just get down and clean other's faces with rose water and think that it's the best version of ourselves."
rajkummar rao

The Rajkummar Rao story is an inspiration for all those who gets unenthusiastic in their difficult times and stop their hard work. Remind you, hard work is the key.

Check out his interview below:

He is truly our Rajkummar of Hard work, man!

Now that you got the inspiration, be the hardworking Rajkumar of your life.

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