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6 Things Brother Sister Can Do This Raksha Bandhan.

Date: 2019-07-29 15:18:25

By Abhishek

Raksha Bandhan/ Rakhi hold a special place in every sibling's heart. As soon the festival gets near, the excitement goes up to the moon, the planning and talks on what new we can do this Rakhi travel from one room to another room. Raksha Bandhan is not only about tying a Rakhi or about buying the most expensive Rakhi for your brother; the festival is all about spreading love and adoration between siblings to make the bond stronger and humble.

Chocolates are cliche, lifafa's are more cliche, teddy bears are cute but... So today, let's think of something more adoring.

Here are these 6 things brother-sister can do this Raksha Bandhan which are of course unique in its own way:

1. Treat the poor:

You can treat poor people with some food, drinks and sweets, whether at your home or you can take them to a restaurant or even, you can go to a blind school.

Plan unique, spread happiness!

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2. Family Dinner:

Plan a family dinner at your home or go outside because family time is forever the best plan for your joys. Cherish the "Hum saath saath hai" feeling together.


Our Sister's during Raksha Bandhan

3. Investments:

You can go for investments. Like mutual funds or fixed deposit on your sibling's name. Because money saving is planning for tomorrow and your sibling would love the care you will bestow in this form.


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4. Private talks without filters:

Schedule a 2-hour meeting which will include any topic but *without filters*, it can be your worries, happiness, struggles, or secrets (GF-BF types and many more). Talk all that you had or have. BE YOU!


5. Travel:

Plan out a place nearby your city which you were planning to go since long. And if you don't have one, think of some extraordinary place which your siblings have never gone to; it can be a hotel restaurant, go-karting, or a relaxing session at a parlor.




A promise to not tell anybody what you all talked about in the 4th point. And also a promise to tolerate you.


There is an N number of good things you can do this Raksha Bandhan. We would love to hear it from you if you have your own unique ideas to share for.

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Featured Image: Metro.


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