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12 Raksha Bandhan Memories Every Bhai Behen Will Relate To.

Date: 2019-07-26 18:12:45

By TabloidXO

So, Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and here's to every bro-sis fight we're going to remember, this time to laugh it off with a hug. There is one relationship in this world which goes in both extremes, fighting like villains and loving like every rom-com character ever and that is the brother-sister's. How cool is that? You can threat your brother with a knife one moment and you can be all squishy and team up the next. So why not go through a recollection of every Bhai-Behen ki Jodi on this Raksha Bandhan memories!


1. Waking up early.

When we used wake up early without even the help of an alarm clock, just because we were excited about Raksha Bandhan and our eagerness to see our Rakhi on our hand tied by our sister.


1.1 When the brother pretends to be broke.

But then he surprises you with a jackpot or a crazy present that you didn't see coming. Brothers can do surprises like no one.

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2. #RakhiDiaries on Instagram.

Your every year post comparison on how embarrassing you both looked, but still can live with that ugly face! Post toh banta hai yaar.

3. Bribing brother to give money.

Otherwise... mummy ko bol dungi! Every other situation is remembered and secrets are on the verge to be spilled.


4. Rivalry with jhaadu & remote.

Who runs faster with what! The competition is always on. Who hits first, who cries first and who calls mom first! So much drama to recall.

5. Enjoying games with sibling:

On Raksha Bandhan, the whole family sits together, eats together and plays together. This day is one of those days where we create new memories to cherish for future.

Our Sister's during Raksha Bandhan

6. 'Your sister scores more than you', *taunts.*

When mom takes the side of the sister and compares her with you, oh Jesus that fulfilling look on her face to make you feel scolded is what defines the bittersweet relationship of bro-sis.


7. Who's the favorite kid?

Fighting over who's favorite and who gets more is something everybody can relate to. Either of the ones just needs one chance of mom taking their side and woosh, the other one is gone, totally grilled.

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8. When bro-sis actually become A-team.

If you gel in well and have amazing compatibility, then sometimes being on the same side works like heaven. A team of bro-sis, bomb!


9. All those moments where you fought with each other, but would break knuckle if somebody said anything against either of you.

You can't take it, no brother or sister, however much they love-hate each other can take anything against each other too. That's what makes it more special and a beautiful bond to hold on to.

10. When your sister puts a looong tikka on your forehead:

Brothers usually don't like the way sister's put tikka on them. They demand a sober small dot but sister being sister, she will do the complete opposite.



11. When the other one has had your back all this while!

Nothing can beat the moments where you see the same brother/sister who you just insulted, having your back. Those moments to recall.

12. Putting Red Chillies in the sweets.

Yes, we are sure you must had done that before. Mixing the sweet with the chillies (obviously just a small size, and not the whole) is the best revenge and fun part for every brother sister rakhi memories.


12.1. Having a good family dinner together.

The day can't be ended without a family get together, where everyone site, laugh, and brothers giving their sisters one last surprise (it can be a prank) to make them feel more special and those 32 teeths smile.


Hold on to that bittersweet relationship because raksha bandhan is one such day when you'll want to cherish it all. Give some extra love to your brothers and sisters and hug more!

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