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7 Reasons Why Getting Married At An Early Age Is Pretty Good Decision

Date: 2019-05-10 20:02:18

By TabloidXO Writers

All the time you hear people complaining about how girls are getting married at an early age and how disturbing it is for them as they won't be able to focus on their careers. But let me tell you guys, every story has its silver linings. Getting married at an early age actually turns out to be more fun and awesome, it's just we don't hear much about it.

So here I am listing you the perks of getting married at an early age...

Say YES!!! to major PDAs

The ever-surviving taunt will not haunt you anymore, "Agar kisi ne dekh liya toh log kya kahenge" (what will happen if anyone sees us?)
Yes, I come from a family who consider society and relative's opinion to a certain level and if you are also like me then this marriage decision would be a boon for you. You would never be worried again about those invisibly present people around you and could go shoulder to shoulder with your gushing testosterones and estrogen levels. Hold hands, hug, and kiss for as long as you want without waiting for a later apt age to get married.


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You are the master of stable relationships

Among your friend's group, you would be considered the most matured one as you and only you would be the one who has the taken the step to get married in the first place. Only a lioness could take such life-altering decisions. Whereas other of your friends would still be swinging between the boyfriend dramas.


There comes a halt to breakup series

No more frequent breakups and turmoil in love life as you would have your favorite person beside you all the time. You can leave the breakup saga for your friends. You would not have to gain those extra calories by eating tons of ice cream because of a breakup. Lady, you are way beyond that now.


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Good going to do 'stuff' together

Just imagine, if you are married at a good old age of 30's, you would just have serious issues to discuss. But instead, if you get hooked at an early age you get to do all the daring stuff as you wouldn't be too old to say no it.


Say cheers to the party animal inside you!!

If you are thinking what I am thinking, then let's say it together, goodbye to fussy parent's comments. Your parents would stop fussing about you partying or going out a lot because now you would be doing it with their good son-in-law whom they adore so much. You will be saved from their worrying notions.


You get to be the youngest mom!!

Yes! By youngest mom I mean to say that you would be the one with no wrinkle issues and would have the flawless skin and attitude for carrying a baby. You would not be far away from hearing compliments, "I don't believe that you are a mother". Lo and behold, at parents' teacher meeting, you would be a show stopper.



Just remember, you are 'YOUNG'... literally!!

Even if there is a late realization that things are not going the way they should, you would always have good options. Why? Because you were never too old to marry again in the first place. It's a win-win situation, people.


There is no best age to get married and as for a fact every age holds its perks and challenges. So never the less as the old saying goes, there are two sides of a coin, but why not look at the positive side till the time you can. It makes life much brighter, lively and easy going. To those ladies who have married at an early age, you go lioness and to the ones who have it all planned to get married at the age of 30s, you too make sense. Just enjoy being married and exploit its perks to the fullest.


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