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11 'saras' reasons why Gujaratis are 'b(a)est'

Date: 2019-02-18 17:26:13

By TabloidXO Writers


So some people have had the luck of knowing Gujaratis and you would know what I mean when I say Gujaratis are in generic terms AWESOME, but for those few who haven't had the privilege this article is every reason why you need Gujjus in your life and why we all need Gujaratis to exist in this world.

1) They have access to unlimited snacks all across the world.

Gujaratis all across the world have a never-ending access to amazing snacks that none but they will have. Even if they reach space, they'll be loaded with theplas and dhoklas and all sorts of masalas to add spice in your daily boring life.



2) They are just a chill through every situation

Gujaratis are probably the coolest group of people to have around. They do not seem to take offense and would end up laughing with you on a joke about them. You will never see a Gujarati angry. Even if you do, they'd probably be looking more adorable than angry.


3) They have an extremely cute accent.

Gujaratis have an extremely cute accent while speaking any other language, you would just look at them speaking English or Hindi and they might be trying to scold you for something, but you wouldn't want them to do anything but to continue speaking in their adorable accent.


4) Their language is adorable.

Gujarati is a very cute language, everything they say, from their slangs to their compliments all sound the same, two Gujaratis talking is the most chilled out and adorable conversation you will ever witness.


5) They are smart.

Gujaratis are a bunch of smart people, they know their math and they know their account. As adorable as they are, you cannot outsmart them in business. The best you can do is to partner with them because these are a set of an extraordinary businessman with a mind that can win you the world.


6) They are hilarious.

Well Gujjus are a bunch of smarty pants, but they are actually so much fun to hang out with because they have a kickass sense of humour, their ability to laugh at jokes you would make on them would make you uncomfortable, but these sly, adorable people would crack some good ones on you so cutely that they will call you 'gandu' (asshole) in Hindi and pass it off as 'gando' in Gujarati (idiot).


7) They are party animals.

Well, Gujaratis have wildly been under-acknowledged for their ability to party, you think partying with your Punjabi friends is fun? Try partying with that one Gujju friend and you'll come across an experience you would regret of not having before. Leave that, be with a Gujarati on Navratri and you'll forget any night of your clubbing you ever had.


8) They have the coolest moves

Well, when Gujaratis take the stage they own it, their swirls and moves would sweep you off your feet and their ability to do those moves tirelessly for hours in stretch would baffle you and make you want to be them but sorry that's in Gujju genepool.


9) They are smooth.

Gujjus are a bunch of smooth people, this little bunch have cracked flirting and the world needs to learn. They don't flirt like a macho boy trying to rub their masculinity on you, they would be smart and adorable and while being that they'll pull off some amazingly smooth pickup lines that Monroe wouldn't say no to.


10) They are grounded

Well, Gujjus do have a lot of money, amounts that would make any north Indian brag throughout a conversation, but not these guys, these are a bunch of grounded people. You won't ever see them flaunt their money or status on your face, if asked they would be honest about it, but none of their actions would talk like they need you to know about the money they have.


11) They are kind.

Gujarati people have a tendency to be softies, they are very kind and benevolent with their charity, they know their business, but trust me they don't hold back from charity. They would be the first one to jump in and offer help of any kind if they see a someone in need of help not just monetarily but generally too.


Now you have 11 convincible khoob saras reasons to befriend a Gujju friend if you haven't yet because let's admit it, they make lives so much easier and fun! Chill maar yaar. :-)

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