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Reasons Why Love Marriage Is The Best Option Than Arranged Marriage

Date: 2019-06-13 14:35:37

By Mansha

There has always been a debate about love marriage is better or arranged and every time, the conclusion comes out to be nothing because every person has different views.

Arranged marriage is a whole of a process for which, you need patience and energy to deal with all the negatives and positives, on the other hand, love marriage is all about meeting and falling in love without worrying about the outside world.

Love marriage is not easy to get into but also, it is easier than getting into the arranged setup and to prove this, we have come with the points, pointing out the facts that why love marriage is less stressful than arranged marriage...

No horoscopes matching:

When you are in love, horoscopes doesn't matter because your heart and mind are evident about the fact that no matter what, love has no end and for that kind of love, you are ready to do anything to make that work but when in an arranged marriage, it plays a major role and it decides your future with a person.


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You get time to know each other:

Dating phase helps you both to know each other better, spending time and texting endlessly makes you both comfortable with each other, but when in arranged, you get a maximum of three meetings to decide if you both are compatible to live together for the next sixty years. Taking that decision is stressful.


No family involvement:

Love has no family involvement because two people meet, they get to know each other, date for a few years and then decides to spend the remaining years together, but in arranged, families have the full power of the decision, to whom their kids will get married and what qualities they are expecting. Too much of stress about what if, you like the person but the family doesn't.


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No need to wait for replies:

In love marriages, there is nothing to worry about replies for days and even months sometimes because there are instant replies but in arranged, people take days to reply because they look for better options and that makes this process hell stressful as rejection is hard to handle.


No fear of getting rejected:

When you start talking with a person, love blossoms with time and when you feel the time is right, you propose that person and everything go as per plan, but in an arranged marriage, rejection comes with the package and at times, it is hard to overcome that fear because no one likes rejection.



No inquiries to be made:

In an arranged marriage, there are a number of inquiries made by the families and it is stressful when it happens every day of your life because it makes you feel suffocated but in love, all is well until the couple is happy with each other.


No stress about finding the perfect one:

Arranged marriages are a long process and, sometimes, it gets difficult when you lose your patience of finding your mister or miss perfect. Stress is all about, where and how to find that person as finding is not that easy, but in love, you have already that person beside you like a rock, who would be a wonderful life partner in coming future.


You have a real treasure if you have found your life partner during the easy journey of your life because arranged marriages are stressful, but also, in the end, it is a happy ending for all.


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