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Indian Brothers, Here Are Reasons Why Having A Sister Is So Special.

Date: 2018-12-29 15:36:30

By Mansha


Without sister, every brother is like a lost creature that doesn't know what's happening around him like in his life or in others lives too. They may never accept it but they are totally dependent on their sisters from tiny things to big things. For every piece of advice or before taking any decision they will straight away land up to their sisters to know if they are right in that particular situation. Yes, they want to protect them from everything possible thing but also they know that it is their sisters who have been protecting them since ages from every problem. Reasons why having a sister are best for every brother...

She will be proud of your success:

On your dreams or desires she is the only one who stands beside you even though on times when you are not doing good in your life, she is the only one you will find standing right next to you.


You always have someone on whom you can totally depend:

She has your back and you can totally depend on her for anything. She will never leave you alone in any way.

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You can never worry about not having enough friends:

Because she is your best friend, from listening to your girlfriend dramas to drinking with you till the dawn. She is up for everything and sharing things can never be a problem.

Hell improves your fashion style:

If you have a sister then you need not to worry about your wardrobe because boy "she got it". She is your best fashion assistant.


She can cover up for you like a boss:

Sneaking out with friends and parents are the problem? No worries boy because bingo you have your sister to put her on a mission.

She is best at telling, "You were wrong":

She never sugarcoats things for you, if you have done any dumb thing then she will tell you on your face and will make sure that you erase that and do the right thing.

She has got a sixth sense:

Something going on your mind, which is troubling you? Without you even saying she will read that on your face and will make things right just for you. She can totally read your mind and heart.


You will have a bunch of photos always:

You will never get short of your hot and handsome selfies because when you have a sister that means clicking a photo every time and everywhere.

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Your secret is safe:

If you have an ugly secret that you need to get that out from your chest, turn up to her because she will keep a secret as a secret.


You learn to respect women:

Having a sister means you develop respect for women around you that makes you pure gentleman.

Gives you the best relationship advice:

Having troubles with a girlfriend or not able to understand her reactions? You can anytime call your sister to ask that what the hell is going wrong with your woman and she will give you the best of solutions to make things better again.


She teaches you to be a clean and tidy man:

She makes you a normal human being when it comes to keeping yourself healthy and clean.


You have two moms and this one is a cool one:

She is a sister, a friend and a mother too. She teases you like a sister; she has your back like a friend and acts like a mother who protects you every time without making you realize that you are dependent on her.

Sisters are special and having a sister is a blessing. If you have one then love her and embrace her because not everyone is that lucky. From every brother to every sister - I love you sister...


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