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9 Restrictions, We Don't Want Our Parents To Put On Us Girls.

Date: 2019-04-08 11:47:08

By Mansha

We have written and read various articles about girls being stopped and putting restrictions on them. Today we are going to discuss that same topic, but I won't lecture about how it should be stopped and why because I will be writing only the restrictions which are imposed on us on a daily basis.

Maybe it wont change anything, maybe people will read and let it go, but at least there would be 1% of the population who will read it and think hard about such restrictions and will work further in their lives. Those people would bring change to their houses and society and in that way, slowly but definitely change will happen.

Restrictions that parents put on their girl child:

Don't drink even for relaxations because "Ache ghar ki ladkiyan daaru nahi peeti":

Addiction is bad and we are not saying let them have it because they can't live without it, but sometimes, we too want peace of mind and we too get in a mood for one or two drinks. If a son has it just because he needs to get his mind off from tensions and problems then why not us?


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Don't wear short dresses:

We get it, you are possessive and concerned about us living in an unsafe environment, but wherever we are, we make ourselves sure that we are safe. And please, allow us to wear our choices of clothes because it is our life and our decisions and we know what is best for us. #NotBeingRude


Having a boyfriend:

We have right to decide with whom we want to stay and with whom we don't want to, so, why to impose restrictions on us like; what society will say and what if you break up in the middle of getting serious because who will marry you then? We do make mistakes and it helps us to grow stronger in life and whosoever wants to stay with us, he has to accept us in the way we are and the past we had.


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Having male friends because that questions your character:

Friends are the most important part of everybody's life and we have that right to choose that family. So, why to impose the restriction on us about choosing less of males and more of females because friendships happen on the basis of "That first click" and special bond.


Cooking skills:

Some have an interest in painting, reading, writing or dancing. It is not important to build an interest in cooking only because I am a girl. Don't force us to do kitchen chores only because "Sasuraal mein jaake kya hoga."


Speak politely and in a low voice:

Just because I am a girl that doesn't mean I can't be myself. Let me speak, laugh and scream in the way I want to.



Take your brother with you:

Sometimes we wish to have privacy without any restrictions like, be home before 9. We know how to protect ourselves and what is ethical and what not.
Trust us.


Why you need to do a job, join your father instead:

Let us decide our career and trust in our dreams. Let us fly high and don't stop us because we are girls. If you can trust your sons on their career choices, then why not us?


Going abroad for further studies, ALONE? It is a big NO-NO:

Have nothing to say except, "Please let us live on our own terms so that we won't blame you further for not letting us do what we always wanted to do." TRUST US.


We are positive, the day will come when the change will happen and our future generations won't be facing such inequalities and restrictions.


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