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25 Interesting Facts About Bigg Boss 14 Winner Rubina Dilaik.

Date: 2021-04-02 15:16:16

By Srishti

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rubina dilaik

Rubina Dilaik: Wiki, Age, Hot Pics, Boyfriend, Contact Number, Photos, Husband, Bigg Boss 14, Net Worth, & More Personal Details.

Real/Birth name Rubina Dilaik
Nick name Rubi
Instagram @rubinadilaik
Age 33 Years
Birthday26 August 1987
Height 5 feet 1 inches
Weight 52 Kilos (Kg)
Net Worth INR 5-7 crores (approx)
Father's name Gopal Dilaik
Sister's name Rohini Dilaik and Naina Dilaik
Mother's name Shakuntala Dilaik
Brother's name (Siblings) No
TV Serials No
Birth Place Surat, Gujarat
Husband Abhinav Shukla
Contact Number/Mobile Number No Details
Hobbies Reading, Acting, Dancing
Debut Serial Chhoti Bahu
HometownShimla, Himachal Pradesh
Controversies: No
Food Rajma Chawal, Halwa, Momos
Education (College) St Bede's College, Shimla
rubina dilaik

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Crazy interesting facts about Rubina Dilaik:

1. Rubina Dilaik is a 33-year-old Himachali girl. She was born and brought up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Her childhood house in Shimla has its own Apple Orchard, where she loved spending time with her grandmother.

2. Abhinav Shukla calls her by the nickname Rubi.

3. Rubina's father is a Hindi writer. These same traits were also seen in Rubina's Bigg Boss journey. She is also very fond of reading and writing.

4. During her school days she used to take part in a lot of debate competitions and she even became a national-level champion in debating.

5. Since her childhood, she always wanted to become an IS officer, for which she even took coaching for a few years.

6. Rubina along with academics was also into a lot of co-curricular activities, during her college days she took part in many beauty pageants and she even won 2 of them.

7. To try her luck in modeling, in the year 2006, she decided to take part in the Miss Shimla Contest and she won.

rubina dilaik

8. Since childhood, she was very fond of writing poems and she even used to translate her father's book and poems into English.

9. Rubina always wanted to focus only on her studies and acting was never a part of her life plan. But her mother pushed her to go give the second round of audition for the show "Choti Bahu".


10. She made her debut in the television industry with the show "Choti Bahu".

11. Rubina had never thought of ending up in the television industry. When the auditions for the show "Choti Bahu" were going on, her younger sister wanted to go and audition for the show. So just to give company to her Rubina went along. But just to test herself as to why everyone around her was so nervous, she also ended up giving the audition and a few hours later, she got to know that she had been selected for the lead role of the show.

rubina dilaik

12. Once she moved to Mumbai, to get selected for the show, Rubina waited almost 5 months till she got finalized for the show and faced a lot of difficulties along the way.

13. Rubina even went through depression when she moved to Mumbai as her studies come to a halt and her acting career was also not leading anywhere. But she fought through the tough times and she even completed her graduation and post-graduation through correspondence.

14. Rubina is a very down to earth person, whenever she does a new show, she never looks out for how much money she is earning but instead tries to put in her 100% so that the show can do well so that the people whose houses function because of the money they earn through the TRP should get what they deserve for putting in most of the effort for making a show.

15. Back in the day she used to date Avinash Sachdev, whom she met on the sets of "Choti Bahu", but in the year 2013 they broke up.

rubina dilaik

16. In the year 2015, she met Abhinav Shukla (now her husband) through a mutual friend at a party. When Abhinav saw Rubina for the first time, it was love at first sight, and from there on they became friends and later came into a relationship and got married after a few years of dating. Rubinav got married in 2018.

17. Rubina is very fond of cooking and even after being busy with her work, she always takes out time to cook a homemade meal for herself and her husband.

18. In the year 2016, Rubina was ranked number 26 by the Eastern Eye in the Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women.

19. In 2016, she was also awarded the Academy Award for her performance in the show "Shakti".

rubina dilaik

20. Along with acting, Rubina is very fond of Zumba and Belly Dancing.

21. Rubina takes care of her body so much that in 2017, she was awarded the "Most Fit Actress Award."

22. Rubina has also been a recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke Award because of her acting.

23. Though Rubina is a part of the television industry and would very much love to act in films but whenever she has been offered a film, her experience with the film industry people have been very weird due to which she has still not been a part of any movie to date.

24. Rubina believes in charity a lot and in the past, she has done some good deeds for the needy.

25. Rubina also suffers from raspatory problems, so to make sure that no one else suffers from something like this, she shares breathing techniques videos on her social media.

26. Rubina is also very claustrophobic and hydrophobic but because of her husband Abhinav, she has overcome hydrophobia.


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