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Watch Instagrammer Ruhee Dosani Dancing On Shehnaaz Tuada Kutta Tommy Song By Yashraj.

Date: 2020-12-14 11:32:38

By TabloidXO

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Shehnaaz the cutie pie of Bigg Boss 13 has made herself a brand now. People showered her with unconditional love inside and now outside the house. While she was living in the BB house, one of her dialogue became very much famous, the dialogue was like, "Tumhari feeling tumhari, Tauda Kutta Tommy, sada kutta kutta?" Main kya karu mar jaaun? Meri koi feeling nahi hai? (Your feeling is yours...your dog is Tommy, my dog is a dog? What should I do, should I die? I don't have any feelings?)"

Later, Yashraj Mukhate who is a genius in making creative content used that clip and made this super hilarious video where he mashed up Shahrukh Khan Mohabbatein scene and Shehnaaz iconic dialogue with Punjabi tunes in it.

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As soon the rap video went viral, everybody made their version from it, and in that, a popular Instagrammer, Ruhee Dosani, danced to the beats of the Yashraj mashup. She is seen dancing with her friends by matching the beats perfectly with their dance moves. Now her version of 'Tauda Kutta Tommy' is breaking the internet.

She shared the video on her profile and captioned it as "Twadda kutta tommy, sadda kutta kutta.. ofc song by my favorite : @yashrajmukhate️ (you LEGEND) . . One of the most requested song by you guys, so here it is and thank you for 300K (I LOVE YOU ALL ).. Tag your friends, family and loved ones; also please don't forget to tag @shehnaazgill in the comment section below."


Earlier hashtag Sidnaaz was the most popular trend which her fans did for her and now #TuadaKuttaTommy is trending at no 1 spot.

Yashraj Mukhate, it is his third video which successfully blows the viral wave on social media under his name. First video which went viral was 'Rasoda mein kaun tha', the second was 'Biggini Shoot' and now it is 'Twada kutta tommy'.

Yashraj, agle saal aur kitni Tshunami laani hain?

Hey, you can attach your version too in the comment section below.


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