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Before IndVsPak Match, Sania Mirza Sign Out Of Social Media & 'It's Just A Cricket Match Guys'

Date: 2018-09-19 16:43:17

By TabloidXO Writers

"Which country you support, India or Pakistan?"

Many people have asked Sania Mirza this ridiculous question and we are sure she must have been sick and tired of listening to this nonsense.

So not to come again in the radar of silly questions before India Vs Pakistan match, Sania Mirza has said Goodbye to social media for few days.

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Being married to a Pakistani Player, Sania Mirza, most of the time is targeted whenever the two teams are playing against each other and despite explaining herself in the past; she has faced criticism, and never-ending debates, which took a turn, obviously not in her favor.

When she tweeted about her exit from the social media for few days, there were both kinds of people, one who were in support and the other one, yes!! Those negativity!!

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Indeed, It's Only A Cricket Match!

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