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Is The Concept Of School Uniforms, Good Or Bad? I Think They Should Stay.

Date: 2019-07-01 15:52:17

By Priyanshi

As much as everybody complains about the 'ugly' uniforms when in school, it is actually a very good idea. I'll tell you how. So in abroad, when students are allowed to wear whatever they want from the beginning of the school, everybody wants to be someone and everybody is jealous of someone and that can come in the way more severely than you think.



Plus, clothing in a particular way can also sometimes derive a person's economic status and to get demeaned or hyped for that and by that affects the others and can lead to indifference, anxiety, introvert and jealousy. People also get bullied and called names according to what they wear. There is constant competition among the students on who dresses the best and that is unhealthy.


While the concept here, in India, is a compulsory uniform for everyone till the end of school and in my opinion, it's a very good idea! When everybody is wearing the same, it somehow does justice to the quote saying, 'We are all the same inside and same to God.' This way there is no chance of indifference or bullying or being back. As kids or grown-ups, our habit of showing us at an upper bar never stops and that stays neutral till school because of a code of conduct and clothing to be followed. Apart from that, they understand decorum and decency in dressing. A school uniform teaches a student how to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. Worrying about how you look when everybody is dressed the same simply doesn't happen. Plus, they don't waste time in caring about added looks and peer pressure doesn't follow.


Another reason is that uniforms identify you as a part of an organization, say people quickly recollect your school names or positions or institutions you work in if they have a prominent uniform.

They give a sense of belonging to the people wearing them. In abroad, where majority schools do not have a uniform, roughly 1,60,000 people have anxiety and fear issues due to the intimidating nature of other students which results in the peer pressure of dressing accordingly. I believe students must be put in the face to see the strictness of a rule to become moulded beings in future. Schools having a uniform do the same. Thus, I believe, India shouldn't change the concept of uniforms because it's not here to make you feel fashionable, which is why it should stay.


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