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Self-Made Bollywood Celebs With No Godfathers Deserve Much Love & Appreciation.

Date: 2020-06-29 12:27:45

By Manveen

One reason, if you are seeing them anywhere, even in a minor role or a really stupid show or movie, just know this that reached there with all their hard work. We all know how difficult it is to crack an industry like Bollywood. It could just be one role, but it takes some decades to land that one opportunity.

When you go to work, you realize there are some around you who do not even value what they have. Either you work in marketing or management or government jobs, all of us know somebody who landed with that job because of nepotism. Yes, nepotism exists everywhere. It is not one industry that is like this, the scale might vary, but nepotism exists in every industry. The difference is that in creative fields, the opportunities are scarce because most of the rich people dominate it. The salaries are bleak and not everybody can survive on their own for years. Many give up creative fields because eventually, the ones who have loaded daddies can afford to be vain in life but others have to pay their bills. India is a third world country; we do not have enough opportunities in art and entertainment.

self made bollywood celebs

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Frankly, some star kids are not all talented and eventually succumb to their talentless fates. However, even if they do not land up with movies after a point, there are always some advertisements and events, which they attend and get paid. Why? Because of rich daddy! Whereas a normal person gets one in a million kind of a shot to land up with one role, some of them even have to support their families and work part-time jobs as well. Advertisements and events happen much later for a regular person, only if they establish themselves as a celebrity and Sushant Singh's demise has made it clear that entering Bollywood is tough and surviving Movie Mafia is tougher.

Sushant Singh Rajput telescope

However, once upon a time, the world witnessed dictatorship, aristocracy, etc. but eventually, democracy overthrew it all. A world for all. Why? Because people came together to fight injustice. We all might not be able to work in the industry but we can sure support self-made artists. Clearly, they all are ignorant of anybody's sensitivities. Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha's tweets made it more clear. Do you want to support people who only say they care about their fans because their PR's told them to and shit on us all on social media? You know they don't care about the audience; they do not need the audience. They think they are above it. Truth is they do need the audience because the day the mass comes together, their movie mafia will cease to be.

self made bollywood celebs

A regular person who makes it to Bollywood always bets on the audience. They need us. If we support them, more movies, advertisements, and events will fall their way. They can challenge star kids from the love and support they receive from us. Karan Johar's movies are banned in Bihar now that is a challenge to the circus he presents in the name of Movie Mafia. Perhaps one Sushant, one normal actor could not challenge him but a state can. The entire nation can!

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