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I Told My Dad About My Boyfriend And To My Surprise He Was OK With It

Date: 2018-09-14 14:24:31

By Mansha

I have dated my boyfriend for four years then one day I eavesdrop my mother talking about finding a guy for me because she thinks now I am of a marriageable age. That's when I got panicked and called my boyfriend asking where are we in our relationship and how he wanted this to end? That's when he told me that he would do anything to be with me all his life. We decided to disclose our relationship in front of our families so that they stop looking around.



The next day, I decided to walk into my dad's room and making sure that when I will confess this he should be alone, the same evening when no one was with him I went up to him after gathering so much of courage to guts thinking how would he react or if he will accept him and all? When I entered the room, I build the conversation like I have heard mom talking to someone about my marriage and I want to say something regarding the same. He asked me very patiently what's the matter and if I am ready for it but my mouth said the words, which he was least expecting and it was "I have someone and I want to get married to that guy only".


For some moments he was stunned and freeze in his position, maybe he was trying to sink in this news and for that two minutes all my nerves frightened me but then he said something, which I was least expecting and that was "if you are with him then I would love to meet him". That very moment I was numb and didn't understand what should be my reaction, I without realizing hugged him so tightly and started telling him all about my boyfriend, his habits, the way he pampers me and the way he loves me, he laughed and said "I understood now, stop trying to make an impression of his before meeting" but he handled everything so well that within a week everything was settled, both the families were met and basic rituals were done.


After all this I have realized fathers are the only men, which can't see their daughters hurt, they will give us whatever we will ask no matter what they have to give up on themselves. He fought for my happiness and me with my family and made sure that I get my portion of love and blitheness. He can go against the world for us.


I have always loved and respected my father with all my heart but after that day I have realized one thing that no one can take his place no matter how far I am. So girls when next time you will fight with your father on some matter always try to remember that what all he has done to make you smile and give you the best quality of life.

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