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Bigg Boss Planning A Sidnaaz Reunion In Bigg Boss 14?

Date: 2020-10-20 12:20:58

By Srishti

Check out all the Bigg Boss 14 updates.

Bigg Boss 14, one of the most famous and awaited reality television show went on air earlier this month and before the show started, it has garnered millions of viewers, but Bigg Boss fans are waiting to see JUST two people together on their screens.

Yes, the two most loved and most entertaining Jodi from season 13 Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill is famously known as Sidnaaz.

bigg boss 14

They became friends on the show and people saw their bond and have since then been crazy about them. But are they still going to come together on the show as guests and increase the fun of the show?

Well, ever since the show has started there have been a lot of speculations on whether they will be a part or not. Though Sidharth did enter the house as a 'Toofani Senior' along with Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan but Shehnaz was nowhere to be seen.

bigg boss 14

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Many reports claimed that both of them will be seen during the premiere of the show together but nothing like that happened. But since then there have also been reports that they might enter together during a later stage of the show. Maybe when all the wild card contestants enter the house, it is also the possibility that they may arrive with them.

bigg boss 14

With no confirmed news as to whether they are going to be a part of the show or not together, the fans of the show and the die-hard fans of Sidnaaz are eagerly waiting to see them together again on their screens. When season 14 was just about to start both these celebrities were trending with hashtags like #Sidharth, #Shehnaz, #Sidnaaz on Twitter because their fans wanted to see them be a part of the show.

With the TRP ratings not being as great for the show like last time, there is a possibility they might have to bring in old contestants to increase their ratings because the show as of now seems to be going at a very slow speed with a lot of people losing their interest to watch the show anymore.

But as a viewer and a follower of Bigg Boss, it seems like the right option to bring these two beautiful people together to increase the fun of the how and showcase once again, what all the viewers of Bigg Boss are missing and fulfill the wishes of their fans. Hoping to see them together on the screen again and hoping that this season also becomes success like the last one.


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