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9 Signs You Are The One Who Is Spreading Problems In Your Relationship

Date: 2019-04-03 13:16:18

By Mansha

In some of the relationships, things don't seem to be working out and the reason for that is one partner among the couple. There are constant fights, verbal abuses, blame games and tears, but for you, it is hard to solve the puzzle about what is going wrong, but your partner knows it's you, he or she constantly blames you for everything that makes you confused and clueless.

Today, I have come with the signs that will tell you IT'S YOU because of which things have gone messy and now is the time to change yourself to win your love back...

You always want things to be done on your way:

No matter if it is about deciding the place for dinner or hosting something in your house or planning a vacation. You always want things to be according to your mood and comfort. You don't take their approval or ask them about their choices in various things.


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You are a control freak:

You keep controlling your partner in almost everything. Like, telling him or her what to do and what not. You want them to go according to you even their lifestyle. You become too bossy and dominating.


Too possessive:

You are too possessive about them that their privacy gets violated. Saying, "you want to protect them" you end up getting into their personal space and life. Too much of involvement also harms the love relationship.


You want them to change something about them:

You keep telling them how they suck on one thing and how they should completely change that thing about themselves. You don't want them to be the person he or she was before meeting you and you want them to pick up a life and lifestyle according to you that how you wanted them to be.


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You are short-tempered:

Every couple has fights, but when you fight you get too much angrier and sometimes get abused too. You can't control your anger, which results in breaking your relationship into pieces.


Too much of complaining:

You manage to take out their mistakes in almost everything that they do like taking extra time to get ready even if it is only by five minutes or too much salt in food. You make them feel useless.


You never take the initiative to solve things:

Saying sorry for you is hell difficult and you never apologize for your mistake. In fact, you try to make them apologize for your mistakes.



You don't make them your priority:

You are careless about remembering important dates or occasions and sometimes you forget to have some alone and quality time with your partner, which makes them feel that they are not important to you as you are to them.


You never appreciate them:

No matter how hard they try to make you feel special or loved, you never appreciate them for their efforts.


Now is the time to change yourself before you lose them to someone else who will keep them happy and satisfied. Give your partner your love that they deserve because no one wants to feel unloved in their relationship; this is not for what they signed in for.


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