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Thank You, Sister, For Buying Yourself Your Rakhi Gift And Telling Me To Pay

Date: 2018-08-21 14:18:44

By Abhishek

Rakhi, a festival which is just more than a thread wearing day. It is a festivity of one of the purest relationships between a brother and a sister, where a brother promise to be with his sister in her happy and as well as in her difficult times. As we know, on Rakhi brothers surprise their sisters with a gift.


And as a brother; I would have been very sparky and joyous if I could spy the look on my sister's face when she would have been unwrapping her gifts.

But Iss saal aisa nahi hua!!

She vouchsafed me a surprise... No, it's not about the return gift.
It's something which made me knock my head, brain, or should I say everything.

After her 32 teeth smile, she said a few words, and those words were:


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Thank You Bhai, I got myself Rakhi gift from your side.
Ok at this point I was fine, I was dandy and I was happy (obviously not on her face) that she splurges her money on herself for her gifts.
But she continued her conversation and enunciated (something which I was really praying to not to hear, but...):
"Pay the amount when the products will be home (Paise Dediyo Jab Ghar Ayega Order)".

Now you can imagine how I felt!!


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The whole thing has come up to me as more of a full toss ball, No not because how she got the audacity to gift herself without my permission but because I as a brother was also planning to gift her something so that I could see her excitement and that eeeee smile.

Although her gift came as a way...way much bigger surprise than my surprise gift.


Btw, being her brother I felt happy and proud because she is my sister and she even can surprise me with such shocks. Such surprises have helped us in making our bond even stronger because this shows the sign of the brother-sister love; Sister, you never have to be in that awkward situation of asking for anything, what you need to do is "just do it" and tell your bro afterwards.



Trust me he will not get angry!! Condition being, you must have not done something really serious and stupid. -P

Bless my heart, I am feeling nostalgic!!

This Rakhi, let your sister shop of her own choice, tell her to go out and let her buy whatever she likes, let her spent hours and hours on selecting the gift, let her feel the queen life.


No matter how irritating our sisters are, they are doubtlessly the best thing to have ever happened to us,
And it is also true that we will never concede this in front of them. :-P
So, sisters, we brothers dud at loving you or caring you, so don't even trust the above three lines.


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