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Skinny Girls Will Relate To This Completely.

Date: 2020-12-12 14:43:19

By Manveen

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skinny girls

The biggest irony of the world is that we are never satisfied with what we have, no matter how many times we hear somebody appreciating us or wanting what we have, we will always want something else. For us the grass is always greener on the other side. Fat people want to lose weight; thin people want to gain weight. People with normal weight have another issues in their life and so on. But addressing the elephant in the room now and coming to skinny girls.

Here are 10 Things Skinny Girls Will Relate to Completely:

1. What are skinny feels.

Every time somebody comes at you and goes like "oh, it must be so nice to feel thin and slim all the time". Well, what can we say, we have lived every day of our lives in this body, feels the same everyday too?

2. "Hello, we eat too".

Some people think we just survive on air and water and do not eat at all. Well, nobody can survive like that and we eat, a lot too, just that we do not grow fat. What can we do?


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3. "No, the wind cannot blow us away".

Please, for the love of God. Every time the wind blows a little harder somebody or the other has to crack this joke. Honestly, being skinny is one thing, but this joke is so old and stale, please come up with a new one!

4. The look on people's face when they watch you binge eat junk food.

Every time you order fries with extra cheese or hamburgers with extra mayo, people are envious and that is okay but then they have to go ahead and talk about it non-stop about how unfair it is that you do not get fat. Well, we did not ask for it.


5. Clothes and size is an issue too.

Clothes and size is not an issue to just fat people. It is an issue for skinny people too; skinny jeans make skinny girls look extra skinny which does not look cool. Most clothes fall off our waists and shoulders and to find a size that actually fits is no short of a blessing.

6. Constant underweight nagging.

Every time you are in a social gathering or a family function, some aunty of the other for no reason at all will come and lecture you as to how you should eat more. Actually, we do, we just do not grow fat. But why is my diet any of your business?



7. "Haddi/ Dandi/ Matchstick".

We have spent our entire existence being called a stick, a branch, a matchstick and god knows what not, it is equally body shaming as fat-shaming, you guys do realise that?

8. "You should take more fat and lactic".

"Have more milk products, they help you grow". "Eat a lot of butter and ghee" why? We are happy without your ghee, butter and lactic. Mind your own greasy business.


9. Hanger.

When you come across a dress or top that looks so dainty but when you try it on it looks like that dress is simply hanging from a hanger, oh that sad moment. Sigh!

10. Insecurity.

Most people do not understand that skinny people are body conscious too. Body shaming makes people body-conscious, it has nothing to do with fat or skinny but constantly being told that you are not adequate enough and have to do something about your body.


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