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I Fought With My Parents For My Sisters Love Life.

Date: 2019-05-03 13:25:31

By TabloidXO Writers

Not every family is open-minded in terms of love marriages; the idea of getting married to a boyfriend is a sin for them because they believe in, getting married by the wish of the families. But the time has changed; education has made us sensible and independent, in terms of everything.


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A few years back, when my sister was graduated from her college, my parents decided to look for a suitable match for her and they had started, giving her profiles to every mediator and family member down there without even asking her if she wants to settle down or if she has someone already.


By the time, I got to know about their idea of getting her married things were already messy. My sister was scared about how to tell them? And if they will accept her love, but the problems didn't end there. More of a love marriage, it was intercaste as well and I was scared about her future and life.

I advised her to tell the family as soon as possible because if they would find someone before you will tell them; it will be difficult to handle the situation. I spoke to her boyfriend as well and told him the same thing. Within a day, they were ready to disclose their little secret and a next morning bought a storm with a sunny day.


I got up with the noises of howling and screams; deep inside I knew the war has started. I immediately went outside to see, what the position and what I saw, still haunts me in my dreams. I saw my parents crying like a baby and my sister was just sitting, facing my parents.


My father told her, if she would marry that guy, he will disown her, my mother was slapping her again and again for bringing disgrace to the family because love and inter-caste marriage won't be acceptable. I stepped out, told them how wrong are they and things have changed now. My sister has full right to live her life according to her own wishes and she is the one who has to marry and live in the different house, so, it is better to live with someone who means the world to her. Within five minutes of speaking, my mother held my hand and said to my sister, "Look, what you have taught to your little sister." For about a week, there was an atmosphere of a death scene in the family.


No one was speaking to each other and my sister was being treated like a stranger. All of these things were going above the water line and I stepped up to make it right, even though I knew the consequences can be severe. I walked to my parents, made them sit and blurted, "If my sister won't get happiness which she wants, I will make sure this would happen in your absence because nothing matters in front of her happiness. People in society would come to her wedding, eat and would go, but she would be the one who has to live all her life with one partner. You are wrong, it is the time, you both should stand up and support her or else you won't lose one daughter today, but two."

To this, they were slightly shaken and looked more convincing, and what they replied was a melody to my ears. My father stood up and hugged me, said, "KABHI KABHI BACCHE SAHI RAH DIKHA DETE HAI, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU."


Now, after six years, they are happily married with a daughter and what makes me happy is, seeing them both together. Parents are not wrong, but with time, they need time to change their mindset and being a kid to them, it is our responsibility to show them the right path too. As a family, we fought, for days we didn't talk to each other, but in the end, they were the ones who were standing to support us in front of the world.

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