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Studying With Friends, Expectations Vs The Reality

Date: 2019-02-13 13:46:09

By Mansha

Have you ever told your mom:

"Hey mom, I am going to my friend's place for group studies" and always she gave you a reply, "study well beta and take care" but least she knew that what really happens in a group study because in reality we never study and all the craziness happens over there, we make the best memories of lives in group study sessions.



Abh baat yeh hai na ki we never let our parents know about the truth, but our marks make them confused every time about one thing, "yeh itna padhte hai par marks kyun nahi aate". It was because of our lack of interest in reading and writing and we paid more attention in pulling each other's legs, eating till our stomach used to explode and gossiping till our mouth used to pain.


If you want me to go in deep then I would say, we never opened our books on those group study sessions, either we opened our Facebook to check about our crushes and if they have got into any relationship or what our exes are really up to with their lives, have they move on or are they in any new relationship after us? Yes, our group studies were about doing "vella" stuff than preparing for the nightmare (exams are no less than nightmares. Right guys?).


But, parents if you are reading this then we want to tell you, "we always used to come with the mood of doing all the syllabus in a day, our Josh used to be high" but the problem was our friends. They distracted us with their foolishness and sometimes-funny doubts, which used to make us laugh till our stomach used to get hurt. You see, we were at no fault. Now if you want to hold someone's neck, then you know who's to hold?


We hated it when all you parents used to think, we are sincere about our studies. "galti aapki bhi nahi thi" whenever you mothers used to come into the room where we all used to study, we faked to study. Yes, we faked it, but not to fool you, to make us mark safe from your "Jooti's". The Voice of your footsteps used to made us attentive that you are about to do raid in the room and deliberately we used to fake it by discussing random topics even though we were clueless about that chapter or topic, "abh aapko bhi kaunsa pata tha". We were little Einstein's in your eyes.


I decided to write on this topic because I have crossed the age of doing all those group studies, but students who are still doing these group sessions, sorry for opening your secrets to the world and parents now you know, what really happens in group studies.


Have good slap kids!!

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