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Stupid Things People Are Doing Right At This Very Moment

Date: 2018-07-27 17:59:28

By Mansha

There are millions of things, which we do even without realizing how funny they are, and then we try to escape if that make us 'dopey'. Our life is like a plain road with full of bumps which is never ending. Here are some stupid-silly things which we all are doing right now:

  • 2000 people are thinking "It's time to get some increment from the boss"
  • 878854 people are talking in their fake accent in front of "Tikki Wala Bhaiya".
    Instead of "Golgappa", they say- "Bhaiya Water Balls Dena!!"
  • 177854 aunties are waiting outside your home to show some Sone Sone Kude/Kudiya.
  • 33333 people right now are getting candies instead of change.
  • 5678 ladies are busy in curling their hair for their date night:
  • via GIPHY

  • 678 people are struggling with Delhi's worst traffic jams so that they can reach home early than their siblings, so that they can have better food than they can:
  • via GIPHY

  • 969651 people are convincing their parents to allow them to travel, Bangkok. Naam Mein Hi Bang Hai.
  • 786 wives are trying to make better stories than their mother in laws, so that their mistakes are ignored by their awesome husbands:
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  • 652 people are trying to find out ways to impress their bosses to get promotions.
  • 5276 wives are trying to find out ways how to get her maid out of her house because of her husband's sight.
  • 498 students may be trying to hide their mark sheets, so that their weekend don't get spoiled by their parents.
  • 9176 people are trying hard to think, what makes them more gastric, vodka or jagerbomb:
  • 3790 people are thinking to leave cigarettes for a lady or to leave lady for the cigarettes.
  • 1009 are thinking to move abroad for a while so that they can have some action in their lives.
  • 6537 people thinking, are people marrying early or you are late to get married.
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  • 3985 people are thinking, people are playing with their kids and they are still busy in playing PUBG.
  • 3095 people are still laughing on Rahul Gandhi's hugging moment as if he finally met his long lost fraaand.
  • 4578 people are still doing, HELLOOO FRIENDS CHAI PI LOOO:
  • 4036 bachelors are struggling hard in finding 'Sunder Sushil Ladki' for himself.
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  • 276 people are trying their best to get over their long term relationships by hitting on others properties .
  • 109 people are trying to understand which whatsapp emoji can be used to tell people stay away from my life:
  • via GIPHY

  • 350 ladies are struggling between Victoria secret or LaSenza.
  • 2059 people are thinking whether to call that woman from the bar last night or not.
  • 5049 people are deleting their search history, oops:
  • via GIPHY

  • 2501 people are hearing Arijit Singh, just to make themselves cry.
  • 1576 people are thinking, whether to find love or flirting is enough.
  • 54454 people are ignoring their friend's messages.
  • 4399 people are feeling so happy that their ex's new partner has more bad looks than them.
  • 1279 people are busy in musical.ly:
  • Quiz: According To Your Mood We'll Tell You Which Netflix Movie Series You Should Watch Today.

  • 78452 people have pressed both the lift buttons.
  • 480 people are still busy in answering those "AskMeAnything" questions on Instagram.
  • 673 people are still trying hard to decide which is more funny "taarak Mehta ka oolta chashmah" or "bhabhiji ghar pe hai".
  • 269 people are struggling with gym thoughts:
  • 105 people are thinking, is it necessary to call 'IT' Ghapaghap.
  • Now, only 1 person is thinking the meanining of 'Ghapaghap' :-P.
    For Ghapaghap search Google baba.
  • 278 people are thinking crime patrol is better or CID.
  • 529 people are thinking why Neha Kakkar is acting so emotional fool in Indian Idol.
  • 15643 people are planning to do bicep exercise at the gym.
  • 1678 men, may be trying to figure out how to impress their crushes, how to be better than their competitors:
  • via GIPHY

  • At this very moment, People are scratching their heads about these exact figures which are there in this article.

And what are you doing?

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